Dearbornistan — What’s The Problem?

Being a racist is being a person who hates based on ‘surface’ values only.  Hating for the sake of hating, is and always will be wrong.  We are told not to hate — we are to love.  Any one of us can find something or someone to hate for a myriad of reasons.  It’s easy to do.  After all, we all make mistakes.

To look at things objectively, evaluate, and then decide what is right or wrong, is what we should do.  But when physical evidence points out that evil is threatening our way of life, it is time that we stand up for ourselves.  Just like facing the bully at school, we must protect ourselves from evil.  Being complacent will never rid us of those who want to destroy us.

Unfortunately, we do have people in this country who want to destroy our way of life.  I know, I watched California turn from what I thought was the perfect place to live to a place of fear, corruption, hate, and a lost sense of hope — which is why I’m not there any longer.

You’ve probably heard of what has happened to Dearborn, Michigan — but with how much detail?  Did you see what has happened?  If not, watch the following short video which gives you a quick tour of that city.

Dearborn, Michigan — Today


Now ask yourself, how many years will it take to turn this entire country into a third world land driven by sharia law and those who disregard our laws and hate our values?  Trust me, it won’t be long at the rate we’re going!!





3 thoughts on “Dearbornistan — What’s The Problem?”

  1. I understand your concern. But should all Muslims be painted with the same brush? There are similar situations existing in Chicago(blacks), San Antonio(hispanics), China town , New York (all mixtures), etc. U.S. Imprisonment of Japanese during WW2. German, Italian immigrants. If you are concerned about Jihad I fully understand,but again paint everyone with the same Brush?

    Franklin Demuth


  2. Unfortunately many people besides yourself think this way — very frustrating for me indeed. This is not a racial or religious issue. Islam is not a religion, it is a theocracy. Yes, not all Muslims want to kill us. But there are enough that we should be scared to death.

    I personally believe the only reason we’re not seeing more terrorist attacks is because “they” are smart people. Why show their hand with a bomb when they can breed us into extinction!? With American birth rates of 1.6 and Muslim at 7+ (a very conservative number), do the math. Who do you think will win in the end??

    Muslims are not the problem any more than Christians are. The minority of Christians are those who attend church and follow their doctrine. Muslims are the same in a way. Only 10-15% of them are ‘dangerous’. But if you multiply 1.7B * 0.15 you get a VERY scary number!!!!

    But I am sure there’s yet another argument why we should allow them to continue their march here. We the sheep will be surrounded by wolves some day in the future. Then who will protect us..?


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