Our Blended World?

Today I received a Facebook post from someone in California.  On the surface it looks very innocuous.  But if you pay attention, it is a political indictment of our current president — embedded within a lot of feel good talk.  Surprise?  No.

When do you estimate we’ll get over this destructive activity of our society from within?  And how much pain do you think we’ll have to go through and for how long before we catch on?  My guess is, a lot over a long time..?  Sad indeed.

Blended World


But, it was once predicted by the Russians during the cold that we would be destroyed not with A-bombs, but by our own hand.  Oh, and by the way, Abraham Lincoln said the same thing over 100 years ago!!  How can an enlightened society be so stupid??





One thought on “Our Blended World?”

  1. Did not get the point of the vid at all. But it was obvious they wanted the chance to sound off their obviously anti-Trump rhetoric. Making fun of his hair, and then saying that as a decedent of immigrants, he wants to expel immigrants. So basically, they lied. Trump wants to expel ILLEGAL immigrants. And really, the term is oxymoronic to me. The criminals we are referring to are actually trespassers, not immigrants, so therefore, I hate that term illegal immigrants. The illegal part automatically makes them a criminal, so the term immigrant should never be applied to them to begin with.

    But then again, am I actually expecting truth, let alone logic, from liberal morons? How stupid of ME!!!



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