Rape Is OK — Under Shariah Law

Heard about any rapes in Europe lately?  Heard that the percentage increases are staggeringly high?  Think this may have something to do with someone’s ideology?  If you do, the answer to all of these questions is a resounding YES!!

Sweden’s rape reports are through the roof (among other European countries also).  And the common denominator is that the vast majority of them are being committed by Muslims.  If you can accept those facts, the next thing is to explain is, why would Muslims disproportionately commit the act of rape?

The answer can be found in the Koran (Quran).  If a Muslim determines that the person in question is an infidel, they are subject to Dhimmitude (Serfdom) and Jhiza (Tax).  Dhimmitude is the equivalent to slavery.  Any infidel who lives with the Muslim has no rights and can be taken as a slave by any Muslim.  The implication being that the ‘slave’ can be raped without fear of sin — the rapist is still considered clean according to Shariah law — i.e., Islamists.

Apparently a relatively recent convert to Islam at Georgetown university is right in line with the Islamists according the to the following article.

Georgetown professor under fire

What scares me is, this is just the beginning if allowed to spread in this country.  The radicals are yelling about racism and bigotry to those who stand up to the ‘bullies’.  But truth be known, this is all part of the theocracy of Islam which will NOT go away without a fight.  The question is, do the American people have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to these thugs.??

If not, your kids or grand-kids will be living with this insanity in the not too distant future.  I assume you don’t want your granddaughter raped…  by anyone?





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