Rejecting ‘Immigrants’

The left has their hormones in a rage over Trump’s rejection of criminals and potential terrorists.  But, isn’t it ironic that Muslim countries are dumping people by the thousands ‘for their safety‘!!?  So what’s our story?  My answer would be because we’re not like other countries.

A nice thought.  But what does it really mean?  We’re either saints accepting of everyone without regard to our own survival.  Or we’ve been infected with people who want to change what this country really is — a place for freedom and safety.

Read the following article and then ask yourself why people in this country would be fighting so hard to ‘accept everyone‘ who knocks on our door.??  Maybe the next time someone knocks on your door at three in the morning you should just fling the door open and welcome in whoever is there.??  I seriously doubt that will happen…

Islamophobic Saudi Arabia Deports 40,000





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