A House Divided

We have all been witnessing the division of this country for several years.  But it would seem that we’re at a place now that us ‘boomers’ haven’t seen in our lifetime.?!  Quite scary.  But the question is, how could this affect us in the immediate future?

Revolutions are started sometimes over not such serious issues.  Situations have a way of getting blown out of proportion.  Typically this is because there is a tremendous amount of anxiety built up, usually over a long period of time.  The extraordinary response is typically due to that anxiety (anger).  Personally, I believe this is because of the progressive movement’s fear of lost ground.

In the following article the author makes several reasonable cases for how our country could turn like others around the world in recent years.  Although I don’t think this is any reason to move to Canada next week, it is something to consider.  Being forewarned is to be forearmed…

America: A House Divided


This article was taken from a pessimistic website.  Although, it has published several good points over recent years worth reading.  Given our current direction, I believe he may well be spot on sometime in the future..?





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