Communism — 4 Quick Lessons

I’ve found that most people cannot define the difference between communism and socialism.  The truth of the matter is, the answer is ‘Not much’.  But in short, communism is socialism only with a loss of all God given rights.

“So?”, you ask.  The ‘so’ of it is we are already marching rapidly toward being (if not already) a socialist society.  After all, almost 50% of our population is receiving government money to survive — not including social security and medicare.  Given that’s the case and continuing on our current path, we are very close to becoming a communist state.  What’s missing?  The revolution.

If you go to the revolutionist’s website, Revcom, you’ll see that there are a lot of people wanting that last step to occur — the sooner the better.  If you think this is some nutcase in his basement, alone and angry, you are mistaken.  There are thousands of people in this country working, planning, and waiting — among others, the communist party of America.  Read what is said on Revcom and ask yourself if you think they’re serious.?

To aid in quick education on this topic, I would suggest listening to the following recordings of talks on communism and the particulars.  They’re only 10-15 minutes each and will teach you more than you can imagine.  When done, you should know more than 90% of the American population.  The important thing to remember is, you are either part of the problem or the solution.  Putting your head in the sand makes you part of the problem.

Communism Part I

Communism Part II

Communism Part III

Communism Part IV


Also, if you haven’t already read it, read my last article entitled ‘Day Without Women Holiday‘.   You’ll see how what is happening today has already happened — 100 years ago!  And that didn’t end well either.

Not a believer yet?  You’d best start looking for the ‘boogie man’ because he is real.  If not for yourself, for your family following you. . .







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