Police and Our Society

What have we come to??  Everyone gets their panties in a bunch if a cop hits or shoots a black today.  But how many people actually sympathize with the cop?  How many people have the courage to face these idiots in the street — by themselves, alone!  Yeah, I know.  In the movies hundreds of police come to each other’s side to help rid the world of bad guys.  But in reality, you are often alone with help 10-20 minutes away — when you can be killed in seconds!

But worse, how does the public react to a cop in distress?  Do THEY run to his side?  Do THEY put their own lives at risk?  Do they reach for a weapon to help him?  Typically, hell no!

Read the following article on a cop in Florida recently being attacked by a thug who just wanted to beat a cop.  Read how the public reacted to that incident.  Then ask yourself, what would YOU do in that case?  Also, if this guy was willing to beat a cop, do you think he might take his gun and kill him?

Cop Attacked by Would-be Killer

Here’s a great question for you.  If you were the cop, what would you do after that incident?  Think that might ‘skew’ your thinking a bit?  How do you think you’d react if a similar looking person came upon you (a cop) without warning after that experience?


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