Evil America and Historical Revisionism

One way to destroy a country is to destroy its morale.  If you can make people believe that their country is ‘evil’, you’ve got one hell of a start on the process.

For years now progressives have been telling Americans that we are an evil country and giving them examples in the process.  They want to attack your core beliefs, your leaders, and your principles.  One great example which has been beaten to death is how we bombed ‘innocent women and children’ in Japan toward the end of the war.  According to the ‘revisionists’, we flew over Japan without warning and ‘murdered’ thousands of people.

Well, the truth is a bit different from their tale.  I had heard about this propaganda before and learned the true story, but the following article’s information came from the navigator’s perspective who was on the plane at the time.  It is a LOT different than what the ‘haters’ want you to believe.

The Peace Plane

You might consider sharing this information with the lost souls who are intent on spreading the BS that makes the mainstream media…






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