Our Country’s Unrest — Why?

Far too many people in this country are way too busy on their ‘treadmills’ running crazily trying to keep up with their jobs, family, etc. to recognize what’s happening to our country.  They see what seems to them scattered incidents that are unrelated to each other and dismiss them as anomalies and of no consequence.

BUT, that is not the case!  All of these ‘dots’ do connect and point in one direction — chaos.  Which, by the way, is the plan.  What am I alluding to you ask?  The communist agenda for the United States.

Yeah, here I go again on my soapbox.  But, it would seem I am no longer alone.  Now the website ‘Conservative Republicans of Texas News’ is now on board with my ongoing rant.  They are now writing about what I’ve been trying to get across to my readers for years.   My hope is that they are more successful than what I have been thus far.

Please take the time to read the following article.  It not only makes sense, is defended with evidence, but matches up with activities in our country today.  And, if you read between the lines you’ll see where we’re going…?

Bloodshed is Coming to America





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