The End Times — A Well Informed View

A very large number of people in this country (world) believe that we are in the ‘end times’.  But what evidence do they have?  Moral decay?  Natural disasters?  ‘Wars and rumors of wars’?

The following video is very much worth watching and gives another perspective on this subject.  It is a recorded documentation of a lecture at the 2016 ‘Understanding The Times’ convention which is hosted by OliveTree Ministries.  Jan Markell is its founder.

What is key, to me, is that the speaker weaves history and biblical references into a compilation of evidence to make his point.  Although the atheist may find a lot of coincidence in his lecture, after awhile that becomes an obvious stretch.

Is his idea of the end much different than others?  No.  But he gets there in a very different way.  Believe me, it is a guarantee that you will learn something from this talk.  In fact, you might consider sharing with your ‘believing’ friends and/or use it for a bible study session.

The lecture is just under an hour, but moves very fast.  I doubt you’ll fall asleep.  🙂






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