California and Their Latest Gas Tax

We recently went to California (southern) and burnt up almost three tanks of gas while there.  The typical ‘first rate’ stations were charging $3.30/gal. for fuel.  If you shopped and got the bargain price (e.g., Costco) you paid $2.65+ per gallon.  However they are about to impose yet another 12-20 cents per gallon increase in their gas taxes (currently $0.70/gal.)!!

So why such high taxes on fuel?  Well, to fix roads of course!  Yeah, but do they already have good roads and need money for building new ones?  No.  The answer is, in So. Cal. the roads are so bad that the wheels of cars are being torn off in the pot holes.  When people sue the county or state government it’s almost a rubber stamp to pay off — they know they can’t win.  So why such bad roads when taxes are so high?  Because the money taken from residents (and visitors) in the way of road taxes is going to the general fund!!

You might ask what exactly the extra money in the general fund is being used for..?  The answer is give-away programs, which are a major part of their budget.  Almost half of residents in California are NOT working.  And a lot of those who are ‘working’ are drawing off of the ‘dole’ anyway.

So you might also ask why don’t the residents insist that all monies going to roads be used for roads?  Hmmm..?  Great idea.  However that was thought of and suggested in 2008 via a proposition on the ballot of which the residents voted down — by a lot.  If you find that hard to believe, consider a point made earlier — the number of people sucking off the hide tit of taxes payers.

The point here is that California has sunk to a point that not only their government is messed up, but so are the people living there.  The idea of them pulling themselves out of their mess is a joke at best at this point. The state is marching further ‘left’ as we speak.

Worse, in my opinion, places like California and Illinois are warning flags of the entire country’s future.  I’d say we could elect a bunch of new guys to turn this around, but look at Trump who is trying to do just that.  If you can ignore his words and watch his actions, he’s getting a lot done.  But how many people do you know that would want to take that kind of abuse for four years!!?

It will take a crisis to turn this country around.  I just hope most of us live through it…?





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