America’s Debt (Hemorrhaging)

America is bleeding a LOT of money every year and everyone knows it.  (And no one is apparently concerned — for now.?)  But do we know where that hemorrhaging is at?

The two largest areas of loss are Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid.  No seniors (including myself) want to lose their ‘investment money’ — i.e., Social Security.   And those same seniors don’t want to lose their Medicare insurance (help) either.  But that isn’t the end of the story regarding the sources of debt building in our country.

Medicaid and Medicare are two very large drains on our budget that are crippling us.  Ah, but then we have the ‘unreported losses’ also — of which there are many.  Here’s just one example from a report in EMS World (see full article).  The following statement is from that article.

The county collects on roughly 55 percent of its ambulance bills, Moya said, who noted that rate is in line with the national average.”

Now put that together with the number of ‘illegal visitors’ in this country who receive a number of free perks while in this country and you’ve got one heck of a leak!!  My only question is, will the ‘resisters’ allow Trump to un-do what the far left has done in the past eight years?  I hope so.!!






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