Communism in America — Local Proof

After giving several talks on the subject of communism in America, I am convinced that people just can’t bring themselves to believe it is a possibility that communists exist in this country.  When in fact, they are here now, and have been for over 100 years.  And being a Texas resident, my neighbors who are of the more conservative persuasion find it even harder to get their head wrapped around.  Ah, but wait.  We even have local evidence!

It recently came to my attention that our fair capital is the home of such a group.  I’ve always referred to Austin as being San Francisco east and part of the iron curtain here in America.  But I now have found proof.  Austin has a ‘progressive’ group named ‘Red Guard Austin’.  What is their mission?  Go to the following Facebook page and look around.  You’ll find on the top left corner of their page a clue which says “Fight Racists in the Streets, become a communist”.  Listen to the speech dated Aug. 14, 2017.  You’ll get the idea pretty quick that these ‘children of ours’ are a bit confused and want to bring on the destruction of our society as it stands today.

Scroll down and read the other posts listed — for example the one on Charlottesville.  Keep in mind that this is a ‘communist’ Facebook page!  If they are against the fascists, ask yourself who they are?  If they’re against white supremacists, you’d think they were the good guys.  No.  What we are facing is Nazis and communists — both from the left.  Now ask yourself how we’re going to get past this mess!?!

Reg Guard Austin

It’s taken us 100 years to get here.  I doubt we’ll dig our way out in short order…?







One thought on “Communism in America — Local Proof”

  1. We’re going to have a revolution, oh wait, we are having a revolution!!!   It’s going to get worst, Take care,

    Randy Bynum(831) 809


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