The Socialist America of Tomorrow

I’ve written several articles about communism in America and find that there is a veritable wealth of knowledge to write about — and growing daily.  It’s scary!  But what is even scarier is the fact that Americans just don’t seem to get it.  They either bury their heads in the sand and remain ignorant of what is happening around them, or they just don’t believe the truth.

The fact is, this country is marching toward being a communist state and moving faster every generation.  And the ‘fuse’ is getting shorter fast!  What I mean, is that support for the new socialist state is growing — especially with the millennials.  Today almost half of the millennials believe that socialism is better than capitalism.  And they are about to be the largest growing segment of our society since the baby-boomers.  About 75 million of them are about to enter the workforce.  The two points — millennial’s growth and their socialist leaning — should have a good number of people concerned.  Who needs millions of communists in this ‘free nation’..?  (If we aren’t there already..?!)

So where’s the evidence you ask?  It doesn’t take much to find tons of evidence by merely reading credible sources.  Because we are getting so close to the ‘finish line’, a LOT of journalists are waking up to the facts and they are documenting that activity.

As an example of that evidence, watch the following brief video.  (It’s actually 26 minutes long with several credible people speaking in it who are on television regularly, but I’ve pointed you to the last few minutes of it — the key point.)  When it’s done, you can go back to the beginning of the video and watch the testimony of experts on this subject tell how the Russians are destroying us from within.

In almost every instance of communism taking over a country there has been a period of gross unrest — aka, revolution.  If we continue on the course as stated in the video, that’s what is next.

You’ve been watching this country get torn apart over the last eight years and now we’re starting to see the results of that subversive action — we’re at each other’s throats!  Just imagine where we’re going to be soon if we stay on track with their objective..?!

To have a handful of pimple faced kids waving “I hate America” signs is one thing.  But we’ve got a lot of card carrying socialists in our government tearing it down week by week.  And I’m afraid that we’re going to have a lot more in the not too distant future.  As hard as it is to believe we have almost a hundred decision maker socialists in our federal government — House and Senate.  See: Congressional Progressive Caucus for the current list.  Check out the bio of these two members.

Neil AbercrombieDanny K. Davis;

Oh yeah, and this guy too.  “But what is the Democratic Socialists of America“, you ask?  It is just one of the many organizations working to destroy the way of life you have gotten so accustomed to.  Want to see a substantial list?  Scroll down to the title ‘Locals and groups’ within Democratic Socialists of America and view the unbelievable list of organizations working toward the same goal.

I could go on, but I’ll save that information for another article.  Stay tuned for more on communism in America…






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