The Axis of Evil — A Transformation Story

We are seeing ‘changes’ every day in our country — too many are not exactly good changes.  Our values, our morals, and our ability to relate to each other in a civil way are all disintegrating before our eyes — assuming they’re open.

But worse, too many people are ignoring what is happening and a great deal of people are at each other’s throats over numerous topics/values.  Too often both parties are at odds, because they cannot agree on what is ‘right’.  Why?  Because there is no longer right and wrong in ‘our world’.  Because our values are lost, and so are we.  Because we cannot even agree on what are ‘solid and true’ sources of information,

While surfing the other day, I came across an article written by a citizen of Iran.  Throughout his childhood on into adulthood he watched his country turn from a democratic state living and moving into the future to what it is now — evil, lead by evil people.  (Not so much the citizens of Iran, but their leadership.)  Those people regardless of their title are mad with power and control.  But what I found of interest in this man’s story was the insidious progression to where they are today — how it all happened.

Read the following article and while you do, replace Iran with America.  See if you observe any similarities in this man’s story with regard to our recent past.  My guess is, you will.  And if you do, you should be afraid — very afraid.  Because it should become obvious of where we are headed.


A Lesson From Another Country





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