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The Good Old Days — 2006

We look back as history and people today ‘translate it’ with their current mindset.  But that doesn’t make it right.  We’re tearing down monuments, destroying historical markers, and denigrating our founders (#30) with vigor.

Worse, we’re having people take a knee during our national anthem.?!  Who would do that other than a deranged person who hates America and has their own agenda to fulfill.

Let’s go back a mere eleven years and see how a football game was started and how people reacted then.

Notice that everyone is cheering at the end.  All of the players are emotionally generated with positive feelings.

How did we get here?  What has happened to generate such a wave of negative discontent?  The answer is an insidious movement designed to destroy this country.  Where’s the evidence, you ask?  Look no further than congress’s congressional records from 1963.  In particular, focus on goal #13 “Do away with all loyalty oaths.”

If you think that Obama created our current atmosphere, you’re partially correct.  But he’s been just the latest chapter in a long list of those walking us down the path of destruction.  Believe me, there’s a lot more like him to come — unless the people of this country start fighting back.  Mark my words, Bernie Sanders a self-avowed Marxist will be on the ballot in 2020 — unless something big happens to turn us around.

You can find a complete list of the 45 communist goals for the United States here.  You might consider reading them and asking yourself how many are already done!?






Antifa — Who are those guys?

Scene from the 1932 Antifaschistische Aktion conference.

Words matter.  But many of us are too busy to research some of the ‘new’ words springing up in society today.  (They’re coming at us fast and furious.)  Consequently we assume we understand and move on with life — correctly or incorrectly understanding the topic.

Antifa sounds to most of us like a new term (including myself) — however it is not.  I always wondered why Hitler hated the communists so much during his reign.  After researching this term and its genesis, I now understand why.

During the early 1930’s Hitler was trying to take over Germany in order to implement his ‘new plan’.  At the time Germany was reeling from losing WWI, paying off their reparations to the world, and dealing with a depression.  At the same time the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and Communist Party (KPD) were trying to implement their plan which conflicted with the goals of Hitler.  The SPD and KPD wished to keep him out of power.  They each created their own antifascist party to combat the takeover of Hitler.  To them, Hitler was a fascist and had to be stopped — by force (not seeing any other potentially successful solution).  If you consider their approach, it was itself a fascist movement.  Obviously they weren’t successful, because of Hitler’s ‘brown shirts’ (his fascists) who imprisoned or murdered their rivals.  (Reference:  The Lost History of Antifa and The Origins of Antifa )

Fast-forward 80 years and here we are today with those pesky Antifa people again — right here in the U.S.!  Once again we have violent people using force to ‘fight fascism’.  So where did these people come from?  Answer, two sources: the communist party and Islamist terrorists.

In an earlier article posted ( King of the Mountain — A Shared Objective ) I suggested that two entities were attempting to take down America — the communists and Islamists.  Apparently the evidence is mounting.

“EXCLUSIVE: US left wing groups traveled to Germany for the G20 Summit last July to meet with Al qaeda and ISIS leaders and plot the destruction of President Trump, secret FBI investigation reveals,” by Ed Klein,, October 29, 2017:

Allegedly Antifa is coming out in force on November 4th.  Hopefully if they do, it will end well..?  The question everyone who is aware of this situation should be asking is, “What can I do about this?”  The answer is, research this information for yourself, determine what you believe, and share that information with others via word of mouth or media (blogs) as much as possible.

It is your country that is under assault.  We out number them.  You are responsible for the future of this country, and you will be held accountable to your children if things go really bad.  It’s time to crawl out from that comfy bubble and fight for your natural God given rights.  I would suggest not waiting for the feds to do so for you. . .





Divide and Conquer — It’s What The Left Does

Our American society does not recognize that we have been under ‘assault’ in this country for decades.  Our way of life is being changed insidiously every week in ways that escapes us.  Yet people seem to remain calm in their bubble and focus on ‘feeling good’ while the U.S. goes into a socialist abyss.

A common tactic in warfare is to divide your enemies’ forces in order to weaken them.  Once divided, you can assault the weaker of them and take them down.  That is exactly what has been happening for almost 10 years.  During the Obama administration we were carved up seven ways to Sunday — rich against poor; blacks against whites; left vs. right; etc.  And look where it’s gotten us.  Not good!

Based on only this one example, look how we’ve managed to separate attitudes in this country according to Pew Research.

Now the question is, why do they want to conquer us and to what end..?  There is a great deal of evidence pointing to our country being morphed into a socialist state.  We are getting very close to the end goal.  If interested, read future articles to learn who, what, when, and how.




King of the Mountain — A Shared Objective

As a kid, I found a common game to play (especially for boys) was ‘King of the mountain’.  The idea was that everyone would gather around a mound of dirt and one or two kids would get on top.  The objective of the game was to knock off those on top and be the remaining person standing when the game was over.  This often suggested a lot of dirty cloths and more than a few bruises.

Today our country is involved in ‘the game’ — like it or not.  Today we have a capitalist society guided by a representative republic.  Two forces (at least) are threatening our country’s governance.  Those forces both have the same objective — to defeat America and take control of the country — they are: communism and Islamism.

The communists have been actively working on the ‘transformation’ of our country into a communist state for 100 years — with a great deal of success.  We are, at this point at least, a socialist state considering the millions of people receiving government handouts.  The next step is civil chaos and revolution.  The end state is the loss of our natural rights and property.  The very few wish to rule and to distribute what they want to the majority who are powerless (assuming the 2nd Amendment is gone).  We’re getting closer to that end state every day.  Weekly we hear about efforts to water down our constitution or eliminate amendments all together.

But if that weren’t enough, the Islamists have the same objective — to convert America into a Sharia state ruled by Sharia/Islamic law.  Although the lesser of the two evils, they are still a scary proposition.

So now the question is what can you do?  For one, educate yourself on both subjects, determine what you believe, and then spread that word.  Without action on the part of many Americans, we will be doomed to defeat — one way or the other.  Far too many Americans are asleep safely within their ‘bubbles’ thinking things won’t change — a huge mistake!  Things have been changing and will continue to change unless we each take action to prevent a horrible future for America.

Remember, the first step of resolving a problem is to become aware of the problem.  Then one needs to accept its reality and take action to prevent it.  And that means you…




Who Are ‘They’ — Part I

When I’ve spoken of communist activity within our country before, and I often refer to ‘they’.  I am often asked who they are.  They are numerous sources all of which have the same objective — the transformation of this country into a communist state.

The following video is of Glenn Beck giving us just one example of they, while at the same time pointing out that forces outside of our country are part of the ‘they‘ crowd.  I am sure that to some this is merely a conspiracy theory.  But in time, giving our current direction, everyone will eventually see the result of ignoring these warnings.  Today antifa, tomorrow anarchy.  We’re just waiting for the ‘match’ to be struck and the blaze to form…

Glenn Beck on Espionage

Click on the link above and watch the short video with his explanation of current activity influencing Americans.





‘Communist Cadet’ — We’re Getting There

Several years ago we heard the words, “We’re only five days away from fundamentally transforming this nation”.  And now ladies and gentlemen, we are much closer.

As hard as it is to believe, the cadet in the foreground is a graduate of our U.S. Military Academy.  The writing in his hat says, “Communism will win”.  Of import, he is a member of Democratic Socialists of America.  Bernie Sanders identifies himself as a democratic socialist.  Lenin identified himself the same way until the Soviet Union was formed.  Then, ‘surprise’, he came out as a communist.

Marxism has many labels — communism, socialism, progressivism, democratic socialism, et al.  I have to wonder when the American people will accept the fact that it is here. . . now.  How many more ‘clues’ do they need..?

Obama’s Fundamental Transformation

Source:  Glenn Beck