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The Transgender Battle

The transgender subject has become increasingly a hot topic in the news and now in our schools — elementary schools no less!! Worse, transgenderism is now becoming a ‘relevant’ topic in the medical field — the ignoring of science is becoming more common place.

Parents of children are those who are responsible for their child. Until the child is an adult, it is the parent who must make ‘adult’ decisions for their offspring.  The majority of parents believe their child is ‘developing’ not only physically, but mentally during their youth.  However, there is a great deal of effort being expended by the very few who are trying to sell the public on the idea that the child has no idea what they are or, the child is sure they’re the opposite of what their ‘jeans’ are telling them — a confusing thinking at best itself.

How often do you hear medical (i.e., scientific information) related to you on this subject?  If your answer is very little, or you have a child who is on the ‘border line’ of indecision, you should watch the video below.  This lecture is presented by Dr. Quentin Van Meter, MD, FCP who is a pediatric endocrinologist with 42 years of medical experience.  His objective is to bring to the public’s attention relevant information regarding child development with respect to their sexual identity.

The video is 41 minutes long and has a great deal of relevant and enlightening information in it (with very little chatter).  Understanding it is a longer video, if you’re in a hurry, skip to the 15 minute mark. (The first 15 minutes basically lays down historically a foundation for the talk.)  That 15 minute mark however is where the very relevant information comes on fast.  At the 25 minute mark the speaker goes into the 2009 Endocrine Society’s (a largely non-professional organization) guidelines for assessing a patient with respect to their sexual identity.  (The more political part of his lecture.)  This is where the objectives (of the left) become very clear.  The speaker points out the end objective of the left is to create a much larger ‘gay’ society in America, and subsequently the world, through the perversion of scientific analysis.  The end state being the  normalizing of the homosexual segment of our country.  (Tolerating them is no longer acceptable, accepting their lifestyle is not enough, now we need to ‘celebrate it’.)

Toward the end of his lecture, he discusses a more recent presentation having been given in Austin, Texas in 2016 (the liberal capital of Texas).  At that conference there were only those who supported the notion that children must be directed on their sexual path in life.  Opposing views were not allowed at the conference.  (Dr. Van Meter attempted to get on their agenda but was refused without explanation.

Our society is at war with itself. At a minimum, parents should be informed and responsible with the life they’ve been gifted. Watching this video should focus the viewer’s attention on the more scientific view of the subject.  We must become a more responsible society if we wish to survive.


Source: CRTXNews


Poleznym Idiots — 10 Reasons Not to Love Communism

We hear about Ernesto “Che” Guevara and how he was such a folk hero from Cuba.  Thousands of T-shirts display his ‘friendly face’ on them all around America.  Poleznym idiots (Russian — useful idiots) prove their superiority and acceptance of a dictator/murderer.

In simple language, the following link spells out why we DO NOT want to go down that road . . .  EVER!!

10 Reasons Communism Isn’t Cool

If it isn’t obvious by now, this is a major issue with me in this country!!  But somebody has to tell the truth…

Evil America and Historical Revisionism

One way to destroy a country is to destroy its morale.  If you can make people believe that their country is ‘evil’, you’ve got one hell of a start on the process.

For years now progressives have been telling Americans that we are an evil country and giving them examples in the process.  They want to attack your core beliefs, your leaders, and your principles.  One great example which has been beaten to death is how we bombed ‘innocent women and children’ in Japan toward the end of the war.  According to the ‘revisionists’, we flew over Japan without warning and ‘murdered’ thousands of people.

Well, the truth is a bit different from their tale.  I had heard about this propaganda before and learned the true story, but the following article’s information came from the navigator’s perspective who was on the plane at the time.  It is a LOT different than what the ‘haters’ want you to believe.

The Peace Plane

You might consider sharing this information with the lost souls who are intent on spreading the BS that makes the mainstream media…





Critical Thinking and Today’s Millennial

My guess would be that many people believe that the millennials today are getting a bad rap.  But are they?

Watch the following video and ask yourself what this country will be like twenty years from now when these college students are leading this country.  Better yet, imagine them being attorneys?!  Or worse, U.S. senators!!?

Impromptu Campus Survey

Too bad we don’t teach these kids ‘how to think’ instead of ‘what to think’…




Black History — The Hidden Truth

Many of us complain about how our children are no longer being taught relevant history to help them to not repeat history’s mistakes.  But in the case of this topic, many adults have no idea that such activity occurred in our past.  I know, I’m one of them.

When you have the opportunity, I strongly recommend your watching the video in the web-page referenced below.  It will tell a story of how two men, both blacks, had tremendous impact on this country’s segregation and ultimate freedom.  Quite the remarkable story — and true.

Black History

When the page is displayed, click on the video image at the top of the screen to experience this history.




Faith, Culture and The Fate of Our Nation

If you have the time to watch/listen to this video, it is a fountain of knowledge and common sense worth hearing.  Two speakers are engaged on stage with questions.  Both give their responses which are very encouraging to hear.  I highly recommend your listening to this Q & A lecture.  My guess is, if you’re like me, you’ll hear the first 5-10 minutes of it and get hooked!  Two very smart guys.

Dennis Prager and Eric Metaxas Forum

Dennis has his website which is and his educational site which is  Both are very educational websites worth checking out.




Edison vs. Tesla — A Great Story!

You’ve heard about Thomas Edison.  You know, the inventor of the light bulb.  But hey, he invented electricity for homes and everything too right.??  Well, to be exact, he invented ‘DC’ power.  AC power came from somewhere else.

But that’s what we use today in homes!?  If not Edison, then who invented it?

Ah, that is the essence of this blog article — the story behind Edison.  We all have believed for years that he was the inventor of everything electrical to start.  But alas, we’ve been duped again.  If you have a bit of time to hear a great story and learn about where the power for our homes came from, click on the two links below.  They’ll bring up a video of Glenn Beck telling the story in a professional way.  He’s quite the story teller!!  Great entertainment, especially for your kids to learn the truth about electrical power.  Not to mention the ‘human nature’ of people and how they are ‘tied together’.

Tesla & Edison — Part I

Tesla & Edison — Part II

You might also consider sharing this with others as they won’t know this historical background and will miss out on a great show.