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A House Divided

We have all been witnessing the division of this country for several years.  But it would seem that we’re at a place now that us ‘boomers’ haven’t seen in our lifetime.?!  Quite scary.  But the question is, how could this affect us in the immediate future?

Revolutions are started sometimes over not such serious issues.  Situations have a way of getting blown out of proportion.  Typically this is because there is a tremendous amount of anxiety built up, usually over a long period of time.  The extraordinary response is typically due to that anxiety (anger).  Personally, I believe this is because of the progressive movement’s fear of lost ground.

In the following article the author makes several reasonable cases for how our country could turn like others around the world in recent years.  Although I don’t think this is any reason to move to Canada next week, it is something to consider.  Being forewarned is to be forearmed…

America: A House Divided


This article was taken from a pessimistic website.  Although, it has published several good points over recent years worth reading.  Given our current direction, I believe he may well be spot on sometime in the future..?




Left vs. Right? Is There a Difference?

Just in case my readers potentially miss it, I’m adding this YouTube video for everyone to watch.  If you ever wondered why congress has only a 10% approval rate, this will explain why!

The following video is of Rand Paul speaking about the proposed budget submitted by the Republican party.  This, after gaining the majority in the House, Senate, and now Presidency.  Incompetent criminals…

Rand Paul on the 2017 Budget


And all of this is done under the guise of repealing Obamacare!!!  Yet another continuing resolution.  The video is a little over 20 minutes.  But you’ll get the idea after only a minute or two.  Truly unbelievable.

After posting this article, I got an idea for an alternative solution to the spending quandary we live with in congress.  Here’s my idea:

Connect the American budget with congress’s salary.  If they cut the budget 10%, they get a 10% raise.  If the budget goes up 10%, their salary is cut.  So let’s look at an example.

Current congress salaries (House and Senate) = $93,625,000/year (poor guys)  So if the budget was cut 10%, their salaries would go up $9,362,500 — a nice raise!  Now considering the current U.S. annual budget is about $3.8T, that would mean we’d save $380B.!!!  At that rate we’d be saving some ‘real money’ before you know it!!  I don’t know about you, but this sounds like a good deal to me!!?

There’s only one problem with my idea…   congress would have to vote on it for approval!!  NO WAY would that fly with the fat lazy self-serving ‘representatives’ we have today!!  (*&^%#$%^





Trump & Our Future — Optimistic or Pessimistic

Although Trump won the election (as believed by most people), the question now is, will he do even half of what he has promised?  And he’s promised a LOT!

Yesterday I talked to an attorney at the NRA regarding ‘gun free zones’ and what we can do to help alleviate the potential danger.  I was surprised to hear that they weren’t really interested in my idea of creating a special concealed carry license.  Instead their plan is to eliminate those zones all together!  Wow!  And, they believe they have the support of Trump.  What a rosy picture of our future!

The real question is, will things turn around and will we all live happily ever after?  Hmmm..?  I guess that question means we have to look at our current situation with a realistic and/or objective view.

Please read the following article and consider the 11 realities that the author presents.  It would seem to me that they are real and must be faced…  some day?!

11 Very Depressing Economic Realities

Source:  The Economic Collapse

I guess one could look at this as a glass half full or empty.?  How successful do you see Trump and our congress (with a 10% approval rating) over the next four years?




Why Move to Texas?

We’ve been asked numerous times why we moved to Texas.  My answer is simple.  I can name that tune in two notes:  California, Texas.

If you look at California (where we moved from), you’ll find a hard left mentality which leads to numerous laws which protect the guilty — not the innocent.  Illegal aliens in California are basically ‘hands off’.

As recent as last week the chief of police for Los Angeles stated publicly that he would not enforce any laws pertaining to immigration.  Although he is not part of the federal immigration system, he is required to report anyone suspected of a crime to ICE.  San Francisco is clearly a sanctuary city.  Concurrently the state is releasing tens of thousands of felons back into society to commit yet more crimes against society.

Here’s just a little evidence of the insanity occurring on a daily basis in California.  Focus on proposition 57 which redefines ‘violent crimes’ — especially the supporters and opposition at the bottom of the page.

Here in Texas there are four cities which are basically venues similar to California as a whole (maybe I meant ‘hole’?).  Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio are way left compared the the other 70% of the state.  Where we’re fortunate (for the time being), we have a Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General with right thinking brains.  As a result, this state is moving further toward being the best state to live in this country.

Please read the following article regarding the priorities in our next session of Texas congress.  Only in Texas folks.

Texas 2017 Legislative Priorities

So, it should be rather clear at this point why a ‘good old boy’ from communist central would move to Texas..?!

Restoring America’s Economic Mobility

First, what is economic mobility?

Millions of people from all over the world come to this country for it.  They have been drawn to America by the magnet of ‘opportunity’.  The opportunity to come here and succeed, if you have what it takes.  And what it takes is: motivation, drive, a sense of strong work ethic, skills, intelligence (not a whole lot), a desire to succeed, a will to work with others, entrepreneurship,  and the tenacity to keep going, to not give up.

Economic mobility means that you come to this country with $50 in your pocket and possibly have a million in short order compared to most other countries.  But, it is not a guarantee!  Today too many Americans have few of this attributes (combined).  Too many have a sense of entitlement — you owe it to me, I shouldn’t have to work for it.  Why?  Because I’m special!!

Please read the following article which explains why we’re in trouble today and how we could pull ourselves out of this ‘dive’.  A well written article.

Restoring America’s Economic Mobility





Working Adults — The Trend is Not Good

Americans are being fed statistics that apparently come from some dark place void of conscience and factual information.  We’re told that the economy is booming and that we’re ‘on the road to recovery’..?  Yet the average worker is getting nowhere fast.  Too many people are not working.  Who says so?  Of all places, the Washington Post!  Yes, the left leaning paper back east.

But worse they tell of a trend that is worse than a high unemployment number today.  They talk about the number of people working tomorrow.

A disaster is looming for American men

I’m not sure how to reconcile how our government is going to feed and house that many people in the future..?  One must ask, where will that money come from?





Warm and Fuzzy or Sharp and Prickly?

Americans are truly the most welcoming, accepting, generous people on the planet — all good traits.  But with all strengths often come weaknesses.  Our soft hearts for others (and sometimes heads) often find themselves prey for those who are absent American values.

Immigration in this country has gone on for decades — illegally.  Before that people around the world were happy to do anything to get into and stay in this country.  Many of those people became successes with wealth beyond what they originally believed possible.  But today, the attitude is much like to many of those in this country — you have it, I deserve it, you should give it to me — if not, I’ll steal it!

Am I saying all current immigrants are thieves?  No.  But what I am saying is, we are in trouble and far too many are not just willing, but happy to see us destroyed.  When will this be obvious to the majority in America??  My answer, not soon enough.

Read the following blog entry and then ask yourself if you are willing to ‘expose‘ yourself to this sort of vial action against hard working Americans.  It is after all, your money!

Another food stamp fraud bust

Most Americans know that we’re going broke. . .  fast!  But how many know that we’re helping the thieves run us over the economic cliff?  Do people not ask why their government is doing this to them?  Have they not figured out the end objective of all this illogical behavior?  Do they not see that we are being guided, no forced into at 17’th century form of government?

As the kids say today. . .   WTF?