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Modeling The U.S. After Europe?

Most of us has heard that we should be more like Europe for many years.  For years we’ve heard that their police don’t have guns and that ours shouldn’t either.  Europe has more restrictive guns laws today than any state in America.  However, oddly enough, criminals still get their hands on guns.  How odd..?

Almost weekly we hear about terrorist attacks in the various countries comprising Europe.  Do we ever hear of marches in the streets to outlaw guns over there?  NO!!  The citizens can’t even own a BB gun!!

The following article depicts yet another example of the atrocities occurring overseas.  Yet we go on trying to get rid of the second amendment here.  Sounds kind’a dumb, huh?

France’s Latest Attack

And go figure, they used AK47’s.?!  How did that happen?

The second amendment should have been, as an after thought, the first amendment.  Why?  Because without it, no citizen has the right to defend themselves from criminals or a totalitarian government.  Once a government gets too big and powerful, the citizenry are at the mercy of that powerful entity.  We’re getting closer every day.  But worse, the Left is taking over that government rapidly.  You should ask yourself, what will the U.S. look like when the second amendment is gone?

Just glad I’m not younger…





Little Rock Officer Involved Shooting

To be a cop today takes more guts than anytime in our country’s history.  You not only have to worry about the idiot in front of you, but the people ‘behind you’ (e.g., the public).  Trials occur every day for police who have to face killers and sociopaths — as well the law abiding public.  Yet we are so quick to condemn them with very little evidence.

Watch this recently released video of the shooting in Little Rock, AR that made the national news.  BLM is (was) positive this was a police killing of an unarmed ‘child’.  Consider that this ‘child’ almost killed his friends and one of the police in the process of his attempted escape (firing shots in their direction).  Why?  Because he was awaiting trial for charges of aggravated robbery and engaging in gang activity.  Note the language the police used prior to the shooting.  Would you be this friendly in a gang area at a traffic stop?

I’m sure if we had stiffer gun laws (tongue in cheek) the ‘victim’ wouldn’t have possessed a stolen hand gun.

Our country is dividing every day — but not for a good reason.



Source:  The Blaze


Pew Research & Statistics — Police

I have referred to Pew Research a lot more than once or twice in the past on this blog.  But, I am currently cautious of referring to them without reviewing their findings a great deal.  I have found that they report ‘statistically’ what is happening in the topic being researched.  But one needs to look at the bias and tone of the report while reading it.  Sometimes the way things are written influences the reader to form a specific opinion — wording matters.

The following report speaks of police shootings and who is doing the shooting.  Having read the report, I can see a great deal of ‘fact’ in it.  But I found that the way they compare the ‘shooting cop’ (the minority) with the others is a bit slanted.  The impression the report gives me is that police who have used deadly force are prone to using force in general — not a fair comparison in my opinion.  But you can read the report yourself and come to your own conclusion.

Police officers who have fired their weapon on duty

A key point to consider is if you have hundreds of thousand of people on the streets with guns with the public’s authority to use deadly force, you’d think a LOT of people would be killed every year.  But you’ll find that it isn’t the case.

I must admit it is a sorry state when you start to question an organization like Pew Research.  But due to political correctness, many of us question almost everything we read, much less what we hear!




Concealed Carry Permits (CCW)

Having been in law enforcement decades starting in the 70’s, I learned early on that church leaders (pastors, etc.) were more likely to commit a crime than a policeman.  (Hard to believe, I know.)

Ah, but wait!  I have some statistics that may be even harder to get your head wrapped around!!?  The following was taken from the February, 2017 issue of the NRA ‘Rifleman’ magazine.

Carry Permit Figures Surge in 2016

Permit holders, as a class, tend to be substantially more law-abiding than the general population. The Crime Prevention Research Center notes that the crime rate for the
general population is 37 times higher than the rate for police officers, yet concealed-carry permit holders “are convicted of felonies and misdemeanors at less than a sixth the rate for police officers.”  Overall, gun crime victimization is substantially lower than it was 20 years ago, while the number of individuals legally carrying firearms has skyrocketed.

. . . .  The concept of national reciprocity of carry permits has been formally endorsed by President Donald Trump, and U.S. Rep. Richard Hudson, R-N.C., has already announced plans to push forward a Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 when the new Congress meets next year.

So if the ‘left’ has argued guns are evil, how do you reconcile these numbers..??  And given these stats, how far do CCW holders have to go to prove they can be trusted?




Bringing a Knife to a Gunfight

Intriguing title, yes?  But this topic is worth reading.  Everyone wants to get a CCW (CHL) so that they can carry a concealed gun.  But what about a knife?  Watch the following video and consider two things:  1)  Why not carry a knife as well a gun?  A knife never runs out of ammunition;  2)  Consider different tactics based on this video.  If you see a knife, you’d best get ready (draw your weapon) early if you want to survive.

Gun vs. Knife Training


So the next time you see someone with a knife looking threatening, do one of two things — draw or run…   quick!!




Gun Control — Part XXVIII..?

Will they ever give up?  I doubt it.  The left must take away guns from the American public in order to accomplish their ultimate goal — a totalitarian state within the U.S.  How do they plan to do this?  Via the United Nations.

Obama, just like Clinton, has sent the proposal to the Senate for their approval to ratify the U.N. Arms Treaty which effectively nullifies the 2nd amendment and gives all control of guns to the U.N.  Will they do it?  I seriously doubt it.  But this ‘message’ to the American public should be clear — “We will take your guns one day!”  Scary stuff.

Obama’s Parting Shot


Can you imagine the fear in this country if all guns were confiscated?




Safe Zones, Terrorism, and Security

One of the top priorities of the U.S. federal government is the protection of its people.  Yet today, the current regime is doing everything it can to expose the American public to a progressively more dangerous environment.  My opinion?  No.  Even the DHS is warning us of coming threats here in the U.S.

Homeland Security Warns of Attacks

Ah, but it doesn’t end there…  Now ISIS is even threatening knife attacks much like those in Israel.  And, they are now taking the approach of using ‘lone wolves’ to perform these attacks — not ‘organized groups’.  Why?  Because single attackers are harder to find/track than larger groups who have to coordinate or communicate with each other.

ISIS Calls for Random Knife Attacks

So while this goes on, our safety is plummeting here in our once safer country.  My suggested solution to this threat?  To create the ‘Safe Zone Safety Act’ here in Texas (to start).  The idea behind my approach is to create a new level of CHL (concealed handgun license) which requires special training to obtain.  That training could, for example: require a higher level of proficiency with their weapon; special training in high capacity venues; and potentially a testing which would require shoot-don’t-shoot scenarios to test the skill level of the shooter.

As an opening thought, current active and retired law enforcement could be considered for implementation rather quickly.  Having already several years of police training, one would think they could potentially meet the physical and mental requirements that the bureaucrats would require.  But hey, that’s just my thoughts.  What are yours?