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Firearms, The 2nd Amendment, and Our Future

The anti-gun movement is not a political movement, but an agenda to ‘take over’ this country.  The nullification of the 2nd Amendment would be the last step toward this country becoming a totalitarian state — i.e., communist.  Texas, in my opinion is the vanguard leading the fight against the taking away of guns from honest citizens.  The following photo sums up what you can expect here in Texas.

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America — The Land of Opportunity

From all over the world people flock to America for their chance at catching the ‘brass ring’.  And, people within the U.S. come from ‘disadvantaged’ areas to do the same thing.  e.g., Ben Carson

Here’s another example, not quite as flamboyant as Carson, but you can see this guy moving up the food chain with his hard work and tenacity — only in America.  Too bad we have people whining in this country about how they never had a chance!!??  And worse, many are looking for a constant hand-out.

The Getto-dinni




On The Lighter Side

There’s a lot of doom and gloom out there.  (And my guess is you probably think I’ve covered just about all of it.!?!)  But yes, even I go on overload at times!  So, on occasion I insert an article on this blog to lighten things up a bit.  And the following two videos did just the trick for me.  I think no matter how bad things are getting, we still need to take a moment to enjoy a little ‘good feeling’ stuff.

Baby it’s cold outside — A terrific video that will give you a warm fuzzy.

And although it sounds weird, here is my all time favorite ‘commercial’.  Yes, this is a real product you can find on the internet.  It’s a must watch!  🙂

Poo-Pourri — A product to save relationships.?!



Texas vs. California

I thought y’all might enjoy this audio clip from a radio show last week (Nov. 6th).  I called into the radio station KSFO in San Francisco to talk to Brian Susseman.  He was discussing California’s state congress and how they are a full time congress and get very little done.  When he asked what Texas had for a congress, that’s when I called in.

You might find this interview funny to listen to.  I showed a parallel between the two states and how we here in Texas are doing things the ‘normal’ (right) way, vs. the wild and weird Kalifornia way!!?

KSFO Radio Interview of Phil Vasile

The audio file is the Nov. 6th, 6am hour.  Skip to the 16 minute point to hear the beginning of our talk.