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ISIS Is a Distraction in the Middle East

We keep hearing about Syria, ISIS, and the Russians in the news.  But it is what we don’t hear that scares me.  Fortunately Glenn Beck has done his analysis and explains what is happening and why.  And it isn’t about ISIS.

If you go to the following linked web-page and click on the video at the top of the page, he will explain the situation and what is really happening.  And as a bonus, he ties in biblical prophecy to the situation.  (Interesting, seeing as how 60%+ of Americans believe we’re in the end days.!?)

Here’s the Real Threat


Bill Maher Shuts Down Liberal Narrative

The way things are going, I would not find it hard to believe that dogs and cats will be playing together soon..?  As crazy as things are in this country, it is getting crazier every day.  Now we’re at the point where the ‘left’ is fighting with the ‘left’..?!

As everyone should know by now, Bill Maher has demonstrated beyond reason that he is anything but a conservative.  But, it would seem that the ‘left’ is getting far too nutty for even him.  The following article pretty much spells out his view on Islam and it does not match those of his compatriots.  Read the following article and see how a discussion about the London ‘terrorist attack’ turned out on his show on TV.

Bill Maher shuts down liberal narrative


Imagine what this country will be like in a year??



Prayer Rooms in TEXAS Highschools

If nowhere else, you’re safe in Texas right?  Not necessarily.  Although the majority of people in Texas have their heads screwed on straight, there are still thousands of progressives here in the big four cities — Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio.  Austin is the capital of crazies besides the state.

Just to prove my point, here’s an article on a school that created a ‘prayer room’ for Muslims to save their parents having to drive them to prayer during school hours.  Ah, but that room cannot be used by anyone other than Muslims!!

Muslim prayer room

And here you thought it couldn’t happen in conservative central..?!   Oops…




Rejecting ‘Immigrants’

The left has their hormones in a rage over Trump’s rejection of criminals and potential terrorists.  But, isn’t it ironic that Muslim countries are dumping people by the thousands ‘for their safety‘!!?  So what’s our story?  My answer would be because we’re not like other countries.

A nice thought.  But what does it really mean?  We’re either saints accepting of everyone without regard to our own survival.  Or we’ve been infected with people who want to change what this country really is — a place for freedom and safety.

Read the following article and then ask yourself why people in this country would be fighting so hard to ‘accept everyone‘ who knocks on our door.??  Maybe the next time someone knocks on your door at three in the morning you should just fling the door open and welcome in whoever is there.??  I seriously doubt that will happen…

Islamophobic Saudi Arabia Deports 40,000




Rape Is OK — Under Shariah Law

Heard about any rapes in Europe lately?  Heard that the percentage increases are staggeringly high?  Think this may have something to do with someone’s ideology?  If you do, the answer to all of these questions is a resounding YES!!

Sweden’s rape reports are through the roof (among other European countries also).  And the common denominator is that the vast majority of them are being committed by Muslims.  If you can accept those facts, the next thing is to explain is, why would Muslims disproportionately commit the act of rape?

The answer can be found in the Koran (Quran).  If a Muslim determines that the person in question is an infidel, they are subject to Dhimmitude (Serfdom) and Jhiza (Tax).  Dhimmitude is the equivalent to slavery.  Any infidel who lives with the Muslim has no rights and can be taken as a slave by any Muslim.  The implication being that the ‘slave’ can be raped without fear of sin — the rapist is still considered clean according to Shariah law — i.e., Islamists.

Apparently a relatively recent convert to Islam at Georgetown university is right in line with the Islamists according the to the following article.

Georgetown professor under fire

What scares me is, this is just the beginning if allowed to spread in this country.  The radicals are yelling about racism and bigotry to those who stand up to the ‘bullies’.  But truth be known, this is all part of the theocracy of Islam which will NOT go away without a fight.  The question is, do the American people have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to these thugs.??

If not, your kids or grand-kids will be living with this insanity in the not too distant future.  I assume you don’t want your granddaughter raped…  by anyone?




Dearbornistan — What’s The Problem?

Being a racist is being a person who hates based on ‘surface’ values only.  Hating for the sake of hating, is and always will be wrong.  We are told not to hate — we are to love.  Any one of us can find something or someone to hate for a myriad of reasons.  It’s easy to do.  After all, we all make mistakes.

To look at things objectively, evaluate, and then decide what is right or wrong, is what we should do.  But when physical evidence points out that evil is threatening our way of life, it is time that we stand up for ourselves.  Just like facing the bully at school, we must protect ourselves from evil.  Being complacent will never rid us of those who want to destroy us.

Unfortunately, we do have people in this country who want to destroy our way of life.  I know, I watched California turn from what I thought was the perfect place to live to a place of fear, corruption, hate, and a lost sense of hope — which is why I’m not there any longer.

You’ve probably heard of what has happened to Dearborn, Michigan — but with how much detail?  Did you see what has happened?  If not, watch the following short video which gives you a quick tour of that city.

Dearborn, Michigan — Today


Now ask yourself, how many years will it take to turn this entire country into a third world land driven by sharia law and those who disregard our laws and hate our values?  Trust me, it won’t be long at the rate we’re going!!




Religious Views by Political Position

Islam was created by Mohammad around 650 AD.  (That’s 650 years after Christ shared His view with the world.  Which, was impressive enough to cause the world to restart the calendar!)  But today Islam is viewed to often the same as Christianity.

What you may find surprising is that democrats view Islam as no worse than the Christianity!  What are the stats, you ask?

Democrats Say Islam, Christianity Equally Violent

One should wonder what it is about that group that causes such thinking?  Admittedly in the 80’s there were actions against abortion clinics by a handful of nut-cases.  But since, the number of ‘Christian based’ violent acts has been minuscule.

To share a few facts which come from ‘the Obama State department’ regarding violence in this world, consider who were the deadliest religious groups in the world in 2015.

  • Taliban — 1093 incidents resulting in 4512 dead
  • ISIS — 931 incidents resulting in 6050 dead
  • Boco Hiram — 491 incidents resulting in 5450 dead
  • Mao Party (communists in India) — 343 incidents resulting in 176 dead

Note that the top three on Obama’s list were Islamists.

But of greater import, Christians (not atheists) don’t even show up on the list!  So how does that add up to equal?

My question is, where do we go from here..??