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Communism in America — Local Proof

After giving several talks on the subject of communism in America, I am convinced that people just can’t bring themselves to believe it is a possibility that communists exist in this country.  When in fact, they are here now, and have been for over 100 years.  And being a Texas resident, my neighbors who are of the more conservative persuasion find it even harder to get their head wrapped around.  Ah, but wait.  We even have local evidence!

It recently came to my attention that our fair capital is the home of such a group.  I’ve always referred to Austin as being San Francisco east and part of the iron curtain here in America.  But I now have found proof.  Austin has a ‘progressive’ group named ‘Red Guard Austin’.  What is their mission?  Go to the following Facebook page and look around.  You’ll find on the top left corner of their page a clue which says “Fight Racists in the Streets, become a communist”.  Listen to the speech dated Aug. 14, 2017.  You’ll get the idea pretty quick that these ‘children of ours’ are a bit confused and want to bring on the destruction of our society as it stands today.

Scroll down and read the other posts listed — for example the one on Charlottesville.  Keep in mind that this is a ‘communist’ Facebook page!  If they are against the fascists, ask yourself who they are?  If they’re against white supremacists, you’d think they were the good guys.  No.  What we are facing is Nazis and communists — both from the left.  Now ask yourself how we’re going to get past this mess!?!

Reg Guard Austin

It’s taken us 100 years to get here.  I doubt we’ll dig our way out in short order…?






US national security adviser: Kim Jong Un should not sleep easy at night

I’ve heard more than one person comment on the number of ‘generals’ Trump has in his cabinet as advisors or in key positions — the point being that is a scary situation.  However, if you had a choice, would you prefer a girly-girl who rides a kid’s bike with a cute little helmet on as a president or a retired Marine general.??

The following is re-posted from The Blaze

US national security adviser: Kim Jong Un should not sleep easy at night

Gen. H.R. McMaster told MSNBC on Thursday that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un should not sleep easy at night. “Because he has the whole world against him, right? He’s isolated. He’s isolated on this,” McMaster said.

U.S. national security adviser Gen. H. R. McMaster warned during an interview with MSNBC on Thursday that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un should not sleep easy at night, following continued threats from North Korea.

The latest threat came on Thursday, when North Korean state-run media reported that government officials threatened that the U.S. is “on the knife’s edge of life and death.”

During an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt on MSNBC, McMaster was asked if Kim should be sleeping easy at night.

“No, I think he should not be,” McMaster answered. “Because he has the whole world against him, right? He’s isolated. He’s isolated on this.”

North Korea and the U.S. have been engaging in a back and forth of displays of strength. The communist state has been overtly antagonistic, testing Hwasong-14 intercontinental ballistic missiles that Kim has called “gifts” for the “American bastards.” The first launch was on July 4 and was said to be able to reach Hawaii or Alaska. Last week, North Korea tested another ICBM, this time with the reported capability of hitting inner American cities, such as Denver or Chicago.

The second missile test put North Korea two years ahead in terms of what experts thought the country’s technological capability would be. But it is unknown if North Korea currently has the capability to successfully attach nuclear warheads to their ICBM’s.

Despite rising tensions, South Korea’s Unification Ministry and the U.S. have been attempting to attain peace between the allies and North Korea. This has been met with silence from North Korea, as well as criticisms from North Korea’s state-run media.

McMaster reminded Hewitt that the war with North Korea never officially ended.

“Since 1953, the Korean peninsula has been in a state of armistice,” he said. “The war never formally ended. There has been no aggression from the United States, South Korea, any of our allies.”

Hewitt asked McMaster if tensions would ease if Kim Jong Un was removed from power, which McMaster said he wasn’t sure about.

“I don’t think anybody has a very clear picture of the inner-workings of that regime,” McMaster said. “What is very clear is that it is an authoritarian dictatorship that has existed since the end of WWII. It is now in its third generation, and the difference in this third autocratic ruler is that he’s as brutal as the previous two have been but he’s doing some things differently. He’s killing members of his family.”

“The future of that regime, it’s almost impossible to predict,” he continued.

After North Korea’s July 4 launch, the U.S. and South Korea conducted a joint test of a precision missile, along with spy footage of Kim Jong Un walking around the Hwasong-14 launch site, smoking cigarettes. The purpose was to prove to Kim that the U.S. knew where he was and could kill him at any time.

Cashless Society

Many of you may have already heard about this topic.  But, just in case, I thought I’d share this article from a financial management company I receive information from regularly.  This guy is knowledgeable, serious, and makes an effort to educate society based on his experience and often inside information.  (But this really isn’t inside stuff.)

The Progressives in this world are attempting to control everything, everywhere.  Their belief is that when ‘the event‘ occurs, they will be in the select few who will wield power and be members of the ‘select few‘.  This is but just another one of the many steps toward the ‘one world government’ that the elites are planning for our future lives.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.  Take a minute or two to learn what is coming that will affect everyone one day…



On July 12, credit card giant VISA announced that it will soon offer selected retailers $10,000 to stop accepting cash. No one seemed to pay much attention. The announcement received relatively little coverage in the press. Should it have? Yes!

What most people don’t realize is there is a broad movement in many parts of the world to reduce or eliminate the use of cash. This is for real – it’s not some conspiracy theory. Sweden, for example, is in the process of eliminating the use of cash, and today only 2-3% of transactions there are conducted in cash. Other countries are headed in that same direction to varying degrees.

The truth is, most governments and central bankers around the world believe it is important to gradually eliminate the use of cash in the years ahead. They claim the absence of cash would help reduce crime and terrorism, expedite monetary policy and help the global economy. Yet in my opinion, the potential benefits they claim would be minimal and their motives are dubious at best.

The real reason they want to rid the world of cash is so that all of our transactions would be recorded in one form or another and therefore be more traceable. This gives authorities more control, expedites tax collection and lets Big Brother keep a closer watch on all of us.

While the War On Cash and the Cashless Society are not near-term threats to Americans, it is important to keep an eye on this troubling trend. That’s what I’ll focus on today. I’ll start with VISA’s latest offer to pay selected retailers $10,000 to stop accepting cash, and then we’ll move on to the bigger picture implications down the road.

Before I get to that discussion, let me briefly mention last Friday’s initial 2Q GDP report which came in, as expected, at a 2.6% annual rate, following growth of only 1.2% in the 1Q. While the 2Q increase to 2.6% was good news, it remains to be seen what the economy will do in the second half of this year.

VISA Offers Select Retailers $10,000 to Stop Taking Cash

In a move that should have gotten more attention, VISA announced on July 12 that it will soon begin offering select retailers $10,000 to stop accepting cash. VISA said it is planning to give $10,000 apiece to selected restaurants and food vendors to upgrade their payment technology, as long as the businesses agree to stop accepting cash.

Consumers at retailers which take the VISA deal would be able to pay for goods or services only with debit or credit cards or with their cellphone apps such as Apple Pay. For the record, I don’t expect this “no cash” trend to become widespread in America anytime soon.

charge card

In case you’re wondering, VISA and other credit card companies consider payment in cash as their chief competitor. If they can get more consumers to pay by credit and debit cards, instead of cash, their profits could rise significantly. VISA’s CEO, Al Kelly, recently admitted: “We’re focused on putting cash out of business,” adding that converting checks and cash to digital and electronic payments is the company’s “number-one growth lever.”

VISA processes credit and debit card payments on behalf of banks and merchants. The company makes money when consumers use their VISA-branded cards. An increase in transactions and payments volume over its network results in rising revenues.

Interestingly, VISA accounted for 59% of total purchase volume on US general purpose credit and debit cards last year, compared with rival Mastercard’s 25% market share, according to the Nilson Report, a trade publication. I had no idea that VISA is more than twice as large as Mastercard, did you?

Still, cash remains a formidable competitor. Check and cash transactions totaled $17 trillion worldwide in 2016, up about 2% from a year ago, according to VISA. Credit cards have made a dent in cash in the US, but cash remains a widely used payment form among Americans — accounting for 32% of all consumer transactions in 2015, compared with 27% for debit cards and 21% for credit cards, according to the Federal Reserve.

The bottom line is that credit card companies like VISA, Mastercard, American Express, etc. have a vested interest in the War On Cash. As it increases, it improves their bottom lines.

More Details on the War On Cash & a “Cashless Society”

Many around the world, and especially in the US, are unaware that there is a real War On Cash. Much of the ongoing debate of late has been focused on a report earlier this year from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) entitled The Macroeconomics of De-Cashing.” The dubious central conclusions of the report were:

  • A cashless payment system would make the monetary policy transmission mechanism more efficient, as there would be very little or no cash available anymore. In particular, it would become possible to implement negative interest rates on a broad front, in order to boost consumption.
  • Since a decline in cash holdings would go hand in hand with an increase in demand deposits at banks, the banking sector would be able to extend more loans. That would lower the level of interest rates and boost economic growth.
  • A sudden increase in the demand for cash is a sign of an imminently impending financial crisis. Shortly before the collapse of Lehman Brothers in September 2008, demand for cash currency increased significantly. That was a sign that bank customers had increasingly lost confidence in the solvency and liquidity of commercial banks. This warning signal would no longer be available if cash were abolished.
  • A cashless economy makes tax collection easier, as the example of Sweden illustrates.

I couldn’t disagree with most of these conclusions more. Let’s examine them more closely. In bullet point #1, the IMF claims that a cashless society would “make monetary policy transmission more efficient.” When has monetary policy transmission ever been efficient, I ask? The answer is, rarely.

Then in that same bullet point, the IMF raises the issue of “negative interest rates on a broad front.” This is an important point because it appears in almost every article about the War On Cash. It took me awhile to figure this out, but here’s what it really means.

In the War On Cash, banks would penalize citizens who insist on keeping cash. The IMF’s thinking is that banks would be encouraged to offer negative interest rates on checking and savings accounts. In other words, they would charge you to hold such accounts. The IMF believes this would motivate us to spend all of our cash rather than hold onto it, and that would be good for the economy, they assume. But that is very short-term thinking.

When you boil it all down, the IMF’s report is nothing more than a call for the abolition of cash. They even admit in the last bullet point above that it would make tax collection easier, since every citizen would be forced to open a bank account in order to get credit or debit cards. The point is, they would like to be able to track ALL of our transactions.

Fighting Crime, Terrorism, Counterfeiting & Black Markets

The IMF and others pushing for a Cashless Society always default to the suggestion that banning cash would reduce crime, terrorism, tax evasion and eliminate the “black market.” Yet such claims are highly controversial. So much so, it’s hard to know where to even start.

Based on information I gathered in preparing to write this article, most experts on the issue of the “shadow economy” and tax evasion agree that a ban on cash would only minimally affect these societal problems. Professor Friedrich Schneider, one of the most renowned experts in the areas of the shadow economy and tax evasion in Europe, concluded that a cash ban would reduce crime by a mere 10% and organized crime by less than 5%.

Other studies reach similar conclusions when it comes to terrorism. Most experts agree that the elimination of cash would only minimally affect terrorist groups and radical individuals which could find alternative sources to fund their operations — including so-called “crypto-currencies” such as Bitcoin and others.

War on Cash

The point is, the elimination of cash would not be the panacea that its promoters promise. While the use of cash is on the decline around the world, especially in Sweden and other European countries, the use of physical currencies around the world is not likely to disappear in most of our lifetimes.

Eliminating Large Denomination Currency Notes ($100 Bills)

As noted above, central bankers and mainstream monetary economists have recently become enamored with the idea of reducing or eliminating hand-to-hand currency. The most comprehensive defense of this proposal is Kenneth Rogoff’s 2016 book, The Curse of Cash. In it, he strongly advocates for eliminating the US $100 bill.

Because cash is widely used in underground economic activity, Rogoff believes that the elimination of large-denomination notes would help to significantly curtail crime and tax evasion. He claims that suppressing such activities would have the additional advantage of increasing government tax revenue.

He is also among the crowd that believes phasing out most cash would enhance macroeconomic stability by giving central banks an unconstrained ability to impose negative interest rates. That is, negative interest rates on cash, savings and checking accounts. On this point, Rogoff is unable to make a strong case that a negative interest rate policy is even needed, much less that it would work.

Likewise, Rogoff offers no convincing support for how eliminating large denomination bank notes would meaningfully reduce the underground economy. Nor can he definitively demonstrate any significant increased revenue for the US government from phasing out cash.  In short, Rogoff’s case for confining currency to small denominations is, when not entirely mistaken, extremely weak.

Despite this, several countries are moving ahead with the elimination or replacement of large denomination currency notes. In May of last year, the European Central Bank announced that it was phasing out the €500 bank note, at the time worth about US$575. The ECB cited the widespread use of such large notes by criminals.

500 Euro notes

In a similar move, the government of India announced in November of last year that it was replacing its 500 and 2,000 rupee notes with newly designed currencies. The old rupee bills ceased being legal tender shortly thereafter, but were allowed to be redeemed for new bills at banks until December 30 of last year.

The government said the move was primarily aimed at “curbing corruption, thwarting counterfeiters” but admitted it would also dredge up potentially billions of dollars in taxable income believed to be stashed in the underground economy. Now there’s the real motive!

The move sucked so much currency out of circulation that it reduced the wages of millions of Indians who are paid for work in cash. Fortunately, this currency experimentation did not tank India’s vibrant economy, which is the world’s fourth fastest growing economy thus far in 2017.

It’s All About Controlling Access to Your Own Money

The bottom line is that the War On Cash is all about control, even though monetary authorities will never admit that. Instead they claim that the motive is to reduce crime, terrorism, drug dealing, counterfeiting, etc.

By regulating access to your own money, banks and governments can increase their control over you. They can collect maximum taxes and fees, and they can even manipulate your spending habits (at least temporarily) by imposing negative interest rates that effectively charge you for saving.

The elimination of cash also transfers near-complete control of transactions, interest rates and individual use of money to the government. Authorities would then be able to track all of our purchases and sales. It would also require millions of Americans, mostly low income citizens who don’t currently have a bank account, to open one or more.

Do we really want that? I don’t think so!

In the spirit of full disclosure, I don’t believe the US is anywhere close to becoming a Cashless Society. Yet it’s a growing trend we all need to keep an eye on. I’ll keep you posted.

Hoping it’s cooler where you are,

Gary D. Halbert

Can you say, “The mark of the beast?”  You might say this is black helicopter stuff, but it truly is realAnd it is coming.  It’s just a matter of when.




Most Significant Solar Eclipse In U.S. History

The following is re-posted from Prophecy News.  You may find this of interest to you depending on your ‘view’ of what’s happening in this country currently.  Because it is a first in America, it is special.

Coming Soon: The Most Unusual Solar Eclipse In U.S. History

News Image

By Michael Snyder/End Of The American Dream July 14, 2017
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August 21st is the date of “the Great American Eclipse”, and the hype around it is already starting to reach a fever pitch.
It is being called “the Great American Eclipse” because this will be the first total solar eclipse ever that is only visible in the United States.
In other words, since the United States became a nation there has never been a total eclipse that was only visible here and nowhere else.
And this will be the first total solar eclipse to cross from the west coast to the east coast in 99 years. So for those that love astronomy, this is bigger than the Super Bowl.
Close to 200 million people live within a day’s drive of “the totality zone”, and many are projecting that this will be the most-viewed eclipse ever.
In fact, many hotels and campsites along the path of the eclipse are already completely booked. So if you want to see it live, you better make your arrangements quickly.
Of course the “main event” will not last for very long. Depending on the location, the total eclipse will only last for about two or three minutes.
But if you count from the time that the moon will begin to cover the sun until the time when the sun is completely uncovered again, it will take approximately two and a half hours for the entire process to unfold. The following comes from Newsweek…
If you are in the band of totality, you will see (if you look through special ‘solar filters’ that darken the Sun by a factor of about 100,000) the Moon gradually covering the sun for about 75 min, then the beautiful totality, and then the uncovering for another 75 min.
Of course in the heavens things will be taking place at very high speed. For example, the moon’s shadow will actually be crossing the U.S. at a speed of close to 1,700 miles per hour.
And even if you are not in the “totality zone”, you will still notice what is happening on August 21st. That is because this eclipse will actually cast a “shadow” over the entire nation.
Could it be possible that has some sort of significance?
I don’t know, but without a doubt there will be a whole lot of speculation going on as we get closer to the date.
Many have pointed out that this solar total eclipse in 2017 will be followed by another total solar eclipse nearly seven years later on April 8th, 2024.
And when you plot the projected courses of these two solar eclipses on a map, they form a giant “X” over the center of the United States…

Could this be some sort of extremely bizarre coincidence?
And if it isn’t a coincidence, what could it mean?
I am afraid that I don’t have the answers to those questions right now, but I do find it to be extremely interesting that the heart of this “X” just happens to fall in the middle of the New Madrid fault zone.
Back in 1811 and 1812, the New Madrid Fault zone was hit by a series of absolutely massive earthquakes. At one point the shaking was so bad that it even caused church bells in Boston to start ringing.
If similar earthquakes happened in our day and time, the damage would be absolutely unimaginable. The following comes from…
The Midwest was sparsely populated, and deaths were few. But 8-year-old Godfrey Lesieur saw the ground “rolling in waves.” Michael Braunm observed the river suddenly rise up “like a great loaf of bread to the height of many feet.” Sections of riverbed below the Mississippi rose so high that part of the river ran backward. Thousands of fissures ripped open fields, and geysers burst from the earth, spewing sand, water, mud and coal high into the air.
Could you imagine “thousands of fissures” suddenly opening up all over the middle of the country?
One insurance company tried to estimate what the economic toll would be if similar quakes happened today, and they came up with a figure of “about 300 billion dollars”…
A series of big shakes — of the sort last seen in 1811 and 1812 — would cause about $300 billion in damage, Swiss Re says. The cost would be double the damage from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in 2005.
Houses — especially brick ones — would collapse. Buildings would sink sideways into liquefying earth. Bridges might tumble into the rivers. The route of the Mississippi River could change — as it did in the last big quake.
People would die, perhaps by the thousands. Being mainly a property reinsurer, Swiss Re didn’t estimate the human toll.
And we should also consider the fact that there are 15 nuclear reactors along the New Madrid fault zone. And so during a major catastrophe we could be looking at Fukushima times 15.
Let us hope that the next major New Madrid earthquake is put off for as long as possible. Nobody should ever want to see that kind of devastation.
But scientists tell us that the Earth’s crust is “mechanically weaker” under the New Madrid fault zone than it is in other areas of the country, and they assure us that given enough time there will be more massive quakes in the region someday.
It is entirely possible that it could just be a complete coincidence that these two eclipses form a giant “X” directly over the heart of the New Madrid fault zone, but I think that it would be a mistake to dismiss this phenomenon altogether without reflecting on what it might mean.
Because as Pastor Mark Biltz has pointed out, it appears that God specifically used solar eclipses back in Biblical times…
“An archaeological find of cuneiform tablets was found in the 19th century describing events in Nineveh. A famous eclipse mentioned in the tablets was known as the Bur-Sagale eclipse, which is verified by NASA as occurring on June 15, 763 BC. 
The path of totality was right over Nineveh. God had declared the sun and the moon were for signs, and now the Ninevites saw the wrath of God coming even before Jonah arrived a couple months later. When Jonah arrived, they were ripe for repentance.”
Our world is a very strange place, and it is getting stranger with each passing day.
And one thing is absolutely certain – the entire nation will be looking up into the sky on August 21st, and what they will see will be truly historic.
To learn more about “Signs In The Heavens”, Bible Prophecy and to participate in seeing the total solar eclipse you can join fellow Prophecy Watchers at the HEAR THE WATCHMEN Conference in Boise, Idaho – Aug 18-20. Speakers include: Pastor Paul Begley, LA Marzulli, Pastor Carl Gallups, Dr. Michael Lake and Scottie Clark (addressing the controversial Revelation 12 Celestial Sign taking place the following month).  A special discount code of “Boise20” is available to PNW subscribers who wish to attend or livestream the conference.  Learn more here
Confirmation website:  Newsweek

When Is Enough, Enough??

If you’re a ‘normal’ person, you’re probably afraid of what’s coming next in America..?  At first, we adults, had to accept the gay lifestyle as ‘OK’.  A good deal of laws have been repealed as a result.  ‘Alternative lifestyles’ are to be not only accepted today, but they should be advertised as a ‘better alternative’ according to their advocates.

Now, our youngest children are being exposed to bizarre behavior in the classroom!!  And, that behavior is being encouraged by far too many parents!!  Do you think this is too strongly stated?  Read on!

Rise Of The Drag Queens – Schools and Libraries Promote Drag Events For Children

News Image

By PNW Staff June 26, 2017

Normal gender identity is again under attack, this time with attempts in both Canada and the United States to twist children’s minds into accepting drag queens and transvestite behavior as normal.
Sadly, these attempts to expose young children to overtly sexual adult drag queens is happening in such locations as public libraries and schools. Even worse, some parents are now pushing their prepubescent children into performing in sexually-charged drag shows for adult men,
When the drag-themed Werq the World tour arrived in Montreal, an 8-year-old “drag queen” who goes by the name Lactatia was ready, with the support of his parents to perform an erotic dance for a cheering crowd of adult men.
When questioned by reporters, the boy told them, “If you want to be a drag queen and your parents don’t let you, you need new parents. If you want to be a drag queen and your friends don’t let you, you need new friends.”
What is more, with the new child abuse law passed in Canada just this year, Lactatia’s parents could lose custody for questioning his decision, let alone preventing him from becoming a drag queen.
With terrible irony, questioning the transgender movement can now be considered a forum of child abuse in Canada. In this case, he started performing when he was only seven, with the active encouragement of his mother who does his makeup for every show.
How such a public demonstration of not only transgender performance but also pedophilia earns praise for the sexual exploitation of an eight-year-old is an indication of how far Canada has slipped towards the abyss.
One LGBTQ publication, The Advocate, enthusiastically reported that Lactatia was “looking like a living porcelain doll” and that he “received a trophy as his parents beamed”.
Canada is not alone when it comes to exposing children to sexually explicit transgender performances, however. School District 4 (including Public School 96, Public School 83 and River East Elementary School) in Manhattan recently held its so-called Learning Expo on May 25th at the Museo del Barrio.
Much of the event was devoted to showcasing the standard talents of elementary-aged children, talents ranging from piano playing and gymnastics to magic tricks and singing.
The two hundred gathered families were entertained by the innocent displays of their children until the President of the Public School 96 Parent Association, Frankie Quinones, closed the event with a highly explicit drag queen performance that had dozens of parents rushing to usher their children out.
Children as young as five years old were subjected to views of the middle-aged Quinones gyrating on stage in drag, showing his g-string underwear and moving his tongue suggestively to mimic perverted sexual behaviors.
Raquel Morales, a parent attending with her fifth-grade son, told reporters that “People were horrified. It looked like a nightclub performance. I’ve been asking for an apology from the district for the last week, and they’ve been ignoring it.”
Quinones’ act, which he delivered in a black dress, was kept as a “special surprise performance” until the end of the show. Responding to the lip-synched song from Iris Chacón, one upset parent said, “I left the show the minute he started sticking his tongue out.
I had my children with me and I wasn’t going to allow them to see that.” School officials have not, according to an Education Department statement, faced disciplinary actions over the act that even their spokesperson now admits was “inappropriate”.
As if child exploitation or exposing children to erotic dancing by adult drag queens weren’t enough, the Brooklyn Public Library in Park Slope now has what it is calling “Drag Queen Story Hour”.
Not an isolated incident but instead a program designed by Michelle Tea of Radar Productions, the classes are running in several other cities as well, to include San Francisco and Los Angeles.
The DQSH features a caste of drag queens who read books on homosexuality and non-conformity with gender norms to young children not yet old enough to read.
Its website explains that it aims to “capture the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models.”
In other words, they are trying to subvert traditional notions of gender at an age when children are most vulnerable and are still trying to understand these roles.
On a recent Saturday, a drag queen who goes by “Lil Hot Mess” sat in a dress covered in rainbow stickers and read the book “Worm Loves Worm”, a book on homosexual acceptance that has a title that leaves little doubt as to its message. The reading was followed by a drag-themed dance and sing along.
One horrified parent asked, “Why on earth would you expose impressionable minds to someone who is obviously mentally confused? We should be reinforcing gender identity and not adding to the chaos of this very mixed-up world.”
Yet Park Slope is not the only NYC location to feature the event which is now starting up at the Aguilar Branch Library, the New York Public Library, the Tompkins Square Library, and the Hudson Park Library in the city.
Transgendered child sexual exploitation, pornography masquerading as talent and now explicit indoctrination of elementary-aged children are a direct threat to the proper development of our children.
Promoting normal gender behavior is now being called abuse and public institutions in both the US and Canada actively work to legitimize transgender behavior at a very young age.
The next generation has already clearly been conditioned to accept such behavior.
A poll was recently done to measure young millennials attitudes to the issue.  The question posed to young Americans: should the government “remove children from homes where the parents refuse to provide resources for gender transition?”
The question didn’t include an age restriction for the kids. You may want to sit down for this:
Fully 18 percent of the 1,402 respondents answered yes; another 27 percent said they were unsure. Among female respondents, a majority stated that children should either be removed from the home (21 percent), or they were unsure (33 percent).
A whopping 60 percent of Clinton voters felt the same way; just seven percent of those who voted for Trump said yes, and 15 percent said they were unsure.
Among self-described liberals, 47 percent said they were either in favor of government removal (10 percent) or unsure about it (37 percent).
And just exactly where do to you think this will end.??  Hmmm..?
I can’t help but think this is just one of the many reasons over 60% of America thinks we’re in the ‘end days’.  God help us!  Ah, but He may be the source of our ‘spanking’!?

America’s Enemy Plans

If you read my recent post regarding the communist party’s plans to destroy America (Bloodshed is Coming to America) you may have found it hard to believe.  Ah, but wait, there’s more!!

I recently received a note from a friend who reminded me about the Muslim Brotherhood’s plans to destroy our way of life as we know (knew) it.  (An Explanatory Memorandum On the General Strategic Goal for the Group In North America 5/22/1991.)  The document is rather long, but it has both Arabic and English versions in it.  If you study the English version, you can glean out of it the essence of their plan — it is the invasion of America with the end goal of taking over the country!!

This document may come off sounding like a UFO story, but this is very real, true, and serious.  The document was accidentally found as a result of a vehicle stop and was subsequently turned over to the FBI who made the information known in Congress.  What is interesting about the document, is how their plans line up so well with the communists’ plans.   (The communist goals for America as documented in Congress in 1963.)   In an effort of being informative while brief, I will attempt to draw your attention to those common goals which should be obvious today in the news.

The primary source of the goals listed is the communist agenda.  Commentary depicting the Islamist views is added for clarification.

The Common Goals of the Communist Party and Islamists (A subset)

  • Do away with loyalty oaths.  (Promote disloyalty to America)
  • Capture one or both of the political parties in the U.S.  (Embed into both parties socialists and Islamists to gain power in Washington.)
  • Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions, by claiming their activities violate civil rights.  (Use the supreme court to overrule common sense decisions and attempt to establish Sharia law into U.S. courts.)
  • Get control of the schools.  (Dumb down the American youth and educate Muslims to believe their right to rule the U.S.)
  • Gain control of all student newspapers.  (Promote ‘equality’ on university campuses to gain power for both the communist party and Islamists.)
  • Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations.  (Finance communist organizations within the U.S. to allow for larger more impacting riots and demonstrations.  The Islamists create their own papers to further their movement.)
  • Infiltrate the press. Get control of book review assignments, editorial writing, policy-making positions.  (Establish persons of ‘stature’ in positions of authority within the press.)
  • Gain control of key positions in radio, TV & motion pictures.  (Support and demand persons who are aligned with the ‘new agenda’ to be placed in the media.  e.g., Middle Eastern commentators and TV channels — Al Jezera and Vice (HBO)
  • Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all form of artistic expression.  (Eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings.)
  • Eliminate all laws governing obscenity.  (The communists promote obscenity.  The Islamist use it as a tool to show our depravity and their superiority.)
  • Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity.  (Create large well funded organizations that promote LGBTQ values.)
  • Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural and healthy”.
  • Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion.  (Demonstrate that Islam is a religion of peace whereas Christianity is against religious freedom and promotes violence against other religions.)
  • Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the grounds that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state”.  (The communists want NO religion in schools.  The Islamists only want Islamic teaching in schools.  The bottom line is, Christianity must go!)
  • Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history.  (Both enemies need us to be ignorant as to what we believe, where those beliefs came from, and to think they are outdated at best.)
  • Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture – education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.  (Both enemies want control over our government, values, and principles.)
  • Eliminate all laws or procedures which interfere with the operation of the Communist apparatus.  (And now today, the Islamists plans.)
  • Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition.  (Both use fear and aggressive tactics to make their points.)

The key here is that America must be destroyed ‘as it is’.  The enemies of America are effectively playing ‘king of the mountain’.  The point is to first destroy our society, then morph our country into what they want.  The common denominator is ‘evil’.  If you have an ounce of Christian background, this should be obvious…?

Please read the two linked lists above, consider the seriousness of this subject and share it with friends and associates.  This country is at war.  Only most of us are either asleep or too busy to care.  If we don’t take action now, the end result will be a world that our kids won’t want to live in. . .








Poleznym Idiots — 10 Reasons Not to Love Communism

We hear about Ernesto “Che” Guevara and how he was such a folk hero from Cuba.  Thousands of T-shirts display his ‘friendly face’ on them all around America.  Poleznym idiots (Russian — useful idiots) prove their superiority and acceptance of a dictator/murderer.

In simple language, the following link spells out why we DO NOT want to go down that road . . .  EVER!!

10 Reasons Communism Isn’t Cool

If it isn’t obvious by now, this is a major issue with me in this country!!  But somebody has to tell the truth…