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Warrior Teens of Yesterday vs. Today’s Snowflakes

Many of us in this country have totally lost sight of who we are, what we stand for, and what is expected of us today.  The focus typically is to ‘feel good’ and not be bothered or uncomfortable.  “It’s all about me”, in too many cases.

During the second world war, teenage men were drafted into a horrific war where those young men saw things that shouldn’t be seen by anyone — not even hardened men of experience.  Watch this video and think about what the men on that ship were thinking when the aircraft with a dead 23 year old in it sinks to the bottom of the ocean.  I seriously don’t believe there were any snowflakes there that day.


Can you even imagine how our youth would ‘handle’ such chaos today? You’d better cross your fingers we don’t get into anything like WWII any time soon.  We have a LOT of people to ‘fix’ before we could take on a task like that.





Proud to be an American?

You know that things are pretty screwy nowadays.  We have numerous ‘issues’ that our country is dealing with, and most of which weren’t caused recently.  American history hasn’t been taught in schools for several years now — and probably won’t be anytime soon.

So why would it be a surprise that young Americans think that the U.S. is a mess?  And that they’re not proud of our country?  Just read the article The Star-spangled Banner of Yesterday and ask yourself why those people were proud of America?  You might ask, how did we get to our current state?  In a word, propaganda …  and lots of it!!

Check out what our younger generation thinks of America.  Another good question from the interviewer would be, where do you get your information from?  CNN?  NBC?  CBS?  Probably.

Are College Students Proud To Be American?

Isn’t that special?!  Where do we go from here.!!?




Modern Day Socialists — 1%’s?

What is happening in our country today is becoming progressively harder to believe every day.  Worse, people are getting hard to believe!  With the advent of political correctness — lying to others with a good motive — is causing the ‘good guys‘ to be hard to trust.  Which is the plan by the way.  If there is no truth, you don’t believe anything.  If you don’t believe anything, then you can possibly believe in almost anything.  We’ve thrown away our compass.  So how do we know which way we’re going or why?  I know it sounds convoluted, but then so is the Left.

You hear often now that socialism is the answer to everything — especially our economy.  With that ‘tried and true’ approach to distributing money (?), you can expect to raise your standard of living on the backs of the rich.  Right?

But who exactly are those rich guys?  Wall street?  Corporate executives?  Doctors?  Lawyers?  Yes to all of the above …  and a few more.

Please take just five minutes of your day to listen to the video below which will divulge information that you won’t hear anywhere else — promise.  (The majority of our media will not even allude to this topic.)  If after watching it you still want to entertain that great socialism philosophy, lots of luck with your decision and future.  This video sheds light on those evil people who want you to pay the freight for their doings.  Want an example?  How’d the last eight years before Trump go for you?  Hmmm?

Although this video does relate extremely important information, the host uses humor to present this serious topic.  Be patient…  it’s worth it.

The Blaze TV — What ‘Democratic Socialists’ don’t want you to know





The Star-spangled Banner of Yesterday

We’ve all heard the song, but we often don’t know where it came from … or why.  The video below does a great job of explaining the background behind our national anthem.  We all should know it!

Please take just a few minutes to listen to the video below and compare what our forefathers did in relation to ‘our attitude‘ today.  If we were as strong, disciplined, and patriotic as they were, do you really believe we’d be suffering through the hysteria we are today?

This is the sort of thing that needs to be driven home with everyone in this country.  If not, we may face a soviet style nation in the not too distant future..?




FAA Hiring Policy — Looking Beyond The Obvious

During the Obama administration the hiring policy/process for air traffic controllers was changed — radically changed.  For the average person to get their head wrapped around this insane policy should be extremely difficult.  If the changes were moderate in nature, the public could possibly perceive them as reasonable.  But the extremes to which Obama & Co. went to insure lesser experienced and unfit employees got hired should be described as no less than scary!

To suggest that the impetus for this radical change was ‘equal opportunity’ is simply nuts.  But that is what you are expected to believe, that the air traffic controller community was just ‘too white’.  I beg to differ, if nothing else based on the radical nature of their process change.  If you can get past the obvious and ask yourself what other motive could the owners of this process have, you come up with only one very scary answer — chaos.

Watch at least the first 3:30 of the following shorter video taken from Fox News and the Tucker Carlson show.  If this news doesn’t blow you away, nothing will.  Try and rationalize this insanity.  Trust me, it is near impossible.

Regardless if you’re left, right, or upside down, you should find this is of serious concern.  And this has been going on since 2014!!!  We’re lucky more people haven’t died in the last four years due to traffic control problems.

To be clear, an equal opportunity excuse should not be acceptable to anyone.  Even if you’re a minority, you should be concerned about mom visiting the kids in Rochester.  And with just a few minutes of personal analysis you should come to the conclusion that the real purpose of this move is much more nefarious than what you may think on first blush.

If you’re a democrat you should be concerned about where the Left is trying to take this country.  You should be asking ‘who’ are these people and what is their objective.  If you aren’t using this sort of critical thinking, then don’t complain when this country comes crashing down around you — literally…




Our Educational System in America Today

Everyone should read this article who has one or more children (grand-children) in our public educational system.  America’s educational system has been transformed.  Unlike in the 1700’s, our children have learned less at the age of 21 today than an 8th grader in the 1700’s.

But worse, it is not only the basic education skills that they are missing out on.  Kids who attended lower grade level schools and colleges early on in America learned about our country, who we are, where we came from, what mistakes we’ve made, etc.  This was taught so that the future generations did not repeat the mistakes of their parents.  Today, that is apparently an outdated thing of the past.

The American education system has been under attack for decades.  One of the top priorities of the communist party inside the U.S. was to take over the schools — e.g., goal #17 stating: “… use them [schools] as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda”.  It is strongly recommended that you read those goals below.

Communist Goals for America

While reading those goals, review them and ask yourself how many of them are already completed.  If this strikes a cord with you, also consider purchasing “The Naked Communist” on Amazon which is an updated version of the 1963 original.  It will enlighten you way beyond this article and you will know what 90% of this country doesn’t.

Now today where are we?  We are now voluntarily sending our kids to re-education camps called colleges.  Here are just a few statistics to digest.

  • The ratio of democrat teachers to republicans is currently 12.7:1 in all schools in America!
  • 40% of  colleges have ‘0’ republicans on their staff.
  • 80% have so few republican staff members that they are statistically insignificant.
  • Within media studies there are 9000 media professors in the 51 top rated schools for media — there are 108:0 democrats to republicans presently.

This isn’t an us vs. them typical political argument.  The ‘democrats’ in higher education institutions are not just left, they are themselves often communists (Marxists).  Your kids are stuffed with propaganda daily and then intimidated into going along with the crowd in order to maintain their grades due to professorial pressure — aka, intimidation.  So much for the first amendment.

If you really want to know what your kids will learn in a college today, watch the following video.  David Barton is an educator and historian who is well known in the U.S.  He has done a great deal to educate the American public and bring to light information that most adults don’t even know.  He is also one of the key contributors to Glenn’s show educating their viewers.

Glenn Beck & David Barton on Education Video

Please share this information with other parents that you know to help them understand what they are sending their children into — typically a place where they will be indoctrinated a good future comrade…





California — Another Clue For America

In our previous article, ‘California — A Glimpse into America’s Future?‘, which was submitted April 9th, we discussed the lawless nature of that state and how it is becoming more dangerous every year.  It has only been days since that article and now an even more scary progressive more is afoot.

Assembly Bill ‘Assembly Bill 2943‘ is headed to the House floor for a vote.  A snippet of that bill states “[it] would make it an ‘unlawful business practice’ to engage in ‘a transaction intended to result or that results in the sale or lease of goods or services to any consumer’ that advertise, offer to engage in, or do engage in ‘sexual orientation change efforts with an individual”.  In simple terms it would mean the following.  The National Review made several of these interpretations of that law.

What the bill basically says is that anything that can be seen as trying to impact a person’s sexual orientation would be illegal to sell or offer.

“The bill then defines ‘sexual orientation change efforts’ as ‘any practices that seek to change an individual’s sexual orientation. This includes efforts to change behaviors or gender expressions, or to eliminate or reduce sexual or romantic attractions or feelings toward individuals of the same sex,” continued National Review.

“Efforts to change behaviors” is where the real problem is. After all, almost all counseling and even common psychiatric care are intended to “change behaviors” in various ways.

If you think about it, that’s the entire reason people seek help in the first place: They want to stop drinking or becoming angry or, yes, having troubling thoughts about their sexuality.

It’s also worth pointing out that the bill as written would apply to people who are trying to change their own behavior. This would mean that if a person was struggling with same-sex behavior or sexual identity and they themselves wanted to change, it would be illegal for them to buy any book meant to help them with this.

The problem here isn’t limited to Christian books. Bizarrely, the bill appears to put almost any counseling or psychiatric service in the cross-hairs [of the government].

For example, let’s say a man has a liking of cross-dressing or transvestism. For whatever reason, the person has become addicted to wearing women’s clothes and has found that showing up to work in high heels and a dress has a negative impact on his life.

If anyone attempts to change his thinking or he himself tries to alter his behavior by reading a self-help book or seeing a psychiatrist, he and/or the ‘shrink’ are in trouble with the law!

Once again, this should be yet another ‘dot’ to connect with the many others that are in your face and should scare the hell out of people.

You can’t make this sort of story up.  But it’s getting to be that if it’s a crazy story, it’s probably from California.  The problem is, the source of these stories may spread to other states..?