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Technology — Good & Bad

I came across the following link and out of curiosity I listened to the audio file.  To my surprise, it told of a man’s story that is truly frightening.  It demonstrates how government agencies are ‘trusting’ in technology to the potential detriment of those who are the target of investigations..?

A lot of technology looks innocent enough.  But is it?  We mere mortals don’t perceive the threats technology can produce, we just focus on the ‘fun part’ of that technology.

Click on the link below and listen to the audio file posted at the top of the page.  It’s 28 minutes long, but you only need to listen to the first five minutes of the interview.  You’ll get the idea very quick.  The story told is just one example of how a ‘good thing’ can quickly become a very ‘bad thing’.

Face Value

Be aware of the potential bad in any ‘toy’ you run across for your phone or computer.  You never know who might be knocking on your door..?




Nuclear Energy — Lower CO2 & Cost

In the interest of bringing not so popular information to your attention, I thought you might find the article below of interest.  Besides all of the currently known positive features of nuclear plants, there is yet another not advertised at all.

Nuclear engineers created a new process, or more accurately a re-process, which reduces the nuclear waste from large power plants which has caused so much fear in America.  The concern has been that we would destroy ourselves by putting waste material in the ground.  But with the new process which involves creating much smaller nuclear plants (i.e., local) and running them on ‘used’ nuclear waste, they can reduce the radioactivity levels down to only 10% of what older plants create.  And, we could have numerous plants to drive local communities with a lot of inexpensive electrical power.

But hey, that would be contrary to what the nuclear skeptics believe.  And besides, it would be a move toward resolving ‘global warming’..!?  We couldn’t have that…

Nuclear Power vs. Traditional



North Korea Nukes — A ‘Real’ Problem?

I’ve heard a great deal of disbelief come from contacts of mine regarding nuclear weapons and N. Korea.  If we listen to ‘the media’, it sounds like they’re just making a lot of noise with no real threat of truly hurting us here in the U.S.  But it’s just a matter of how you ‘translate’ the information as to whether you believe N. Korea is a threat and to what degree.

A few years ago they were doing testing with their rockets and at least three of them blew up at around 40 miles up.  The consensus was that N. Korea only produced junk and that they were not a real threat.  After all, with their rockets traveling a short distance (horizontally) and blowing up only 40 miles high (too low for orbit), what damage could they do?

James Woolsey is the ex-CIA director and was on the EMP commission a few years ago.  He pointed out that a 40 mile high trajectory was sufficient to do significant damage with a rocket if it had an EMP on it.  That altitude would take out a large part of the U.S. electrical grid!  A 100+ mile altitude EMP attack would pretty much kill all three power grids in the U.S.

A week ago N. Korea fired off a rocket and it only traveled 800 miles toward Japan, but reached an altitude of almost 300 miles!  Consider for a moment that if you wanted your enemy to think of you as dumb, you could ‘lob’ a rocket high and then allow it to come down ‘short’ leaving your opponent to thinking you still don’t know how to make rockets.  Although not a rocket scientist, my assumption is that the same rocket could travel a lot further with a ‘better’ trajectory. However Mr. Woolsey has spoken on this particular subject as recent as July 2017 in a CNBC interview.

One has to wonder who the dummy is at this point, especially considering that congress approved a bill to pay for the hardening of the grid over seven years ago?  But have we since addressed the problem?  No..?  The public should wonder..?!





The World Just Keeps Getting Smaller

Since Kitty Hawk we have found ourselves moving faster and quieter every year — in the air.  However, we may find ourselves doing so under ground or water in the not too distant future.

Elan Musk has proposed a new transportation system which uses: a partial vacuum, levitation, and electromagnetic technology.  The concept is loosely based on the old vacuum tube mail delivery system used in the early 1900’s.  However it will allow travel at speeds never considered before.  And, it may be a good travel option for those who hate to fly!!

Hyperloop Travel




Age of Automation

You’ve heard of it earlier.  Now it’s in England…  coming to a town near you.!?

Amazon is now shipping products in England via drone!  Once they’ve gathered enough data, they will roll out the program here in the U.S. where daunting ‘regulations’ exist (for our good?).  When that day comes, just about everything will be available to you at home within ’30 minutes’!!  Watch this video for their report.

Amazon Deliveries




Being Forewarned is Good, But Being Prepared is Better

I have written numerous articles about EMP’s (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) for years now.  Most people think they are all a matter of scare tactics.  However do not dismiss EMP’s because they are a depressive topic — that ostrich reaction may cost you.

I just received information regarding the messiah’s writing of yet another executive order — about EMP’s.  You might consider reading this article and take it to heart.  It could be very important to you.!!?  If after reading it you’re still a skeptic, please read the link following it.

New Obama Executive Order Hints At Devastating Space Event

Source:  Prophecy News Watch

Executive Order — Coordinating Efforts to Prepare the Nation for Space Weather Events

Source:  The White House — Office of the Press Secretary

Note the date this order was written:  Oct. 13th, 2016


Giving Up Our Control of The Internet

The internet was first ‘invented’ by universities in the western states (not Al Gore).  Of course, once it took off, the federal government had to be the overseer of it (being the all encompassing entity that it is).  Since, whenever someone wants to create a new website, a specific Internet Protocol (IP) address has to be assigned to it.  That process is controlled by a government entity within the United States.

Currently our emperor is attempting to give control to the internet to a UN based group outside of the U.S.  What this means is that if enough ‘pressure’ is applied, a website may not be able to renew their license and/or continue with their objective — i.e., to communicate information that they want distributed.  In essence, this means we would be giving away our sovereign right to freedom of speech.  Which by the way is one of the few remaining vehicles for the public learning the truth about certain subjects and often learning anything about them!

Some people are not threatened by this ‘minor’ move on Obama’s part.  They believe it’s only some ‘inane technical nonsense’ of no consequence.  But I would argue that this website would not exist if those in the UN found that what I have to say ‘offensive’.  (Not that it could happen!!?)

Read the following article on how the governors of Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and Oklahoma are suing the feds regarding this subject.  I would think that if these fours states find this of concern, maybe we should..??