Protecting America from ‘Whites’

We in America face a number of threats worth our time and attention in preventing.  Every day we see more threats in the news we’ve identified previously, and new ones too often that we wouldn’t have anticipated.

You would think that our leadership (congress) would take substantive action to prevent further escalation of those threats.  But as you know, political correctness ‘does not allow them to take action’.  For example maybe implementing real actions or laws to prevent Islamic terrorism in our country and calling it out for what it is, not fantasizing it being warm, fuzzy and full of love would be a better approach.  Ah, but that would offend someone.

They are taking action via new potential laws.  Representative Bradley Scott Schneider has sponsored a new bill (originally presented in 2017) — H.R. 4918 – the “Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2018”.   In this bill it targets ‘whites’.  Not any other color person, just whites.  Could it be possible that other races in our country could be terrorists?  Should the color of a person matter when identifying a terrorist or terrorist group?  Shouldn’t that be irrelevant?

If you read the text of this bill (see link above), you will find that this bill — first introduced in 2017 — is specifically directed at whites.  The first sentence in this bill spells out their agenda.  “White supremacists and other right-wing extremists are the most significant domestic terrorism threat facing the United States.”  (It would seem someone forgot about 911..?)  The words “most significant domestic terrorism threat facing the United States” should make you wonder why they set their priorities where they do and where they get their information.  Since when has the Klu Klux Klan become the “most significant domestic threat” to our country?   How many bombings have occurred in recent years where ‘whites’ were the terrorists?  Antifa is a white, communist hate group, but then they’re against whites also.  But where’s the outrage against them?  Hasn’t Black Lives Matter been a bit of a problem?  Confusing isn’t it?

Why must we repeatedly divide our country by race?  Is it no wonder we are where we are today with the division we experience?  What will change the course of our country and its approach toward addressing problems we face?

Based on the escalation of existing problems in our country, it would appear our approach isn’t working that well.  Maybe it’s time we alter our course and face problems head on, ignoring the color of a person’s skin and focus on the real issues at hand.

Take just a couple of minutes and read this bill.  Ask yourself if their primary concern is different than yours.  If your answer is no, then ask why their priorities are so different.  If your conclusion is that they are off target, then it may be obvious why we are where we are today.





Democratic Socialists Of America Are Running For Office In Texas In 2018

I was fortunate enough to hear at talk by Trevor Loudon on ‘Communism in America’ last week in San Antonio.  Although I perceive myself as a well informed person regarding the topic of communism in America, I was amazed at how great the threat to our country is over what I already perceived it to be.

His talk was like watching ‘bullseye’ shots coming out of a machine gun — every word relevant and scary.  The massive amount of evidence or proof that America is under siege was and is overwhelming.  Although I’ve been saying that ‘we are close to the end of our freedoms here’, he made a very compelling case for our being only one or two elections away from the communists’ hold on America being a done deal.  If you think your vote is of no value now, imagine your vote being totally worthless within 2-4 years?!

The Democratic Socialist of America (DSA) is one of the leading forces we fight — whether we realize or not.  As one piece of evidence regarding the threat of the DSA, he reports how at least 17 members of the DSA are currently running for office in our TEXAS government!!  Yes, the red state that may be blue before too long is also under siege — as a priority.  The Left is pushing to turn our state blue because if they can turn the ‘heart of America’ blue, the rest of the country will be easy pickings.  (Other conservative states such as Idaho are also under siege.)  Read the following article on this topic.

Democratic Socialists Of America Are Running For Office In Texas

Please share this information with everyone who will listen.  The Left is marching strongly in our country and we are losing ground every week.  We need all of the help we can get to stop the insane behavior and thinking in America destroying our land.  You can do your part by merely forwarding this article to your friends.

The following is a partial list of those organizations operating within the U.S. that are intent on eliminating our constitution and destroying our way of life.

If nothing else, please take just two minutes for a brief look at the Communist Party USA‘s website.  This is not some other country’s website, but our country’s site!!  There are many more working toward our end — a veritable army.

For more information on this topic please visit Trevor Loudon’s website.  I would suggest you also view this brief video which is a trailer of his video ‘THE ENEMIES WITHIN’.  It is the visual equivalent of his book released on Amazon.  Very insightful.


The full length movie is available on Amazon for Prime members here.



Technology — Good & Bad

I came across the following link and out of curiosity I listened to the audio file.  To my surprise, it told of a man’s story that is truly frightening.  It demonstrates how government agencies are ‘trusting’ in technology to the potential detriment of those who are the target of investigations..?

A lot of technology looks innocent enough.  But is it?  We mere mortals don’t perceive the threats technology can produce, we just focus on the ‘fun part’ of that technology.

Click on the link below and listen to the audio file posted at the top of the page.  It’s 28 minutes long, but you only need to listen to the first five minutes of the interview.  You’ll get the idea very quick.  The story told is just one example of how a ‘good thing’ can quickly become a very ‘bad thing’.

Face Value

Be aware of the potential bad in any ‘toy’ you run across for your phone or computer.  You never know who might be knocking on your door..?



The Changing Face of the Church — As Predicted

The bible is filled with prophecies of which a good many have already come true.  And yet another is being fulfilled now.

Churches have been changing for several years now and some of them are unrecognizable based on the historical model.  The bible clearly states that homosexuality is an abomination.  And it says that the church will teach false beliefs in the end times.  Well folks, it would appear that based on the bible we’re getting pretty close to those times.

February 8th outside of the Bethesda, Maryland abortion clinic stood four people of the clergy.  To protest it?  Nooo…  They were there to bless it!!  If this doesn’t tell you we’re close, I’m not sure what will at this point.  Please read the following article to get the whole story.

The Changing Face of the Church

Scary stuff…




America Under Siege — Who ‘They’ are

Many people wonder why so much anxiety exists over Trump taking office.  Understanding that those on the ‘left’ want someone like Obama in office is no surprise.  But to have such radical activity demonstrated so often in our country in the last year or so is shocking.  And now we have a State of The Union address pointing to many positive changes in our country and our congressman cannot even acknowledge those successes..?  One must ask, “What’s going on?  Do they not want America to succeed?”

Trevor Loudon is a New Zealand journalist who believes that were America goes, so goes the world.  The U.S. must be destroyed before the radicals of this world can take over.  Capitalism is their enemy.

The following video documents the startling number of organizations within America that want to impose socialism (communism) in our country.  If you have any question as to what is really going on in America, you should watch this video — to the end.  For many it will be a wake-up call.

This video was made a year ago (2017) and as you have seen on the news, the yelling has not subsided — and it won’t.  No matter how good the news is the radical left (communists) will strive to destroy our way of life.  Your effort should be to educate yourself and spread the word.

As a prediction, I believe as the current administration becomes even more successful with more positive accomplishments, you will see the ‘left’ become more violent.  Trump’s direction and objective is the antithesis of the Democratic Socialist Party, the Workers World Party, et al.  There are far to many groups to list here.

America needs to wake up.  Soon!

If you would like to hear Trevor speak, he is speaking at the Village Parkway Baptist Church in San Antonio on February 8th at 7:00pm (doors open 6:30pm).  Free tickets are available by clicking here:  Click here to register




The Socialist America of Tomorrow

I’ve written several articles about communism in America and find that there is a veritable wealth of knowledge to write about — and growing daily.  It’s scary!  But what is even scarier is the fact that Americans just don’t seem to get it.  They either bury their heads in the sand and remain ignorant of what is happening around them, or they just don’t believe the truth.

The fact is, this country is marching toward being a communist state and moving faster every generation.  And the ‘fuse’ is getting shorter fast!  What I mean, is that support for the new socialist state is growing — especially with the millennials.  Today almost half of the millennials believe that socialism is better than capitalism.  And they are about to be the largest growing segment of our society since the baby-boomers.  About 75 million of them are about to enter the workforce.  The two points — millennial’s growth and their socialist leaning — should have a good number of people concerned.  Who needs millions of communists in this ‘free nation’..?  (If we aren’t there already..?!)

So where’s the evidence you ask?  It doesn’t take much to find tons of evidence by merely reading credible sources.  Because we are getting so close to the ‘finish line’, a LOT of journalists are waking up to the facts and they are documenting that activity.

As an example of that evidence, watch the following brief video.  (It’s actually 26 minutes long with several credible people speaking in it who are on television regularly, but I’ve pointed you to the last few minutes of it — the key point.)  When it’s done, you can go back to the beginning of the video and watch the testimony of experts on this subject tell how the Russians are destroying us from within.

In almost every instance of communism taking over a country there has been a period of gross unrest — aka, revolution.  If we continue on the course as stated in the video, that’s what is next.

You’ve been watching this country get torn apart over the last eight years and now we’re starting to see the results of that subversive action — we’re at each other’s throats!  Just imagine where we’re going to be soon if we stay on track with their objective..?!

To have a handful of pimple faced kids waving “I hate America” signs is one thing.  But we’ve got a lot of card carrying socialists in our government tearing it down week by week.  And I’m afraid that we’re going to have a lot more in the not too distant future.  As hard as it is to believe we have almost a hundred decision maker socialists in our federal government — House and Senate.  See: Congressional Progressive Caucus for the current list.  Check out the bio of these two members.

Neil AbercrombieDanny K. Davis;

Oh yeah, and this guy too.  “But what is the Democratic Socialists of America“, you ask?  It is just one of the many organizations working to destroy the way of life you have gotten so accustomed to.  Want to see a substantial list?  Scroll down to the title ‘Locals and groups’ within Democratic Socialists of America and view the unbelievable list of organizations working toward the same goal.

I could go on, but I’ll save that information for another article.  Stay tuned for more on communism in America…





The Transgender Battle

The transgender subject has become increasingly a hot topic in the news and now in our schools — elementary schools no less!! Worse, transgenderism is now becoming a ‘relevant’ topic in the medical field — the ignoring of science is becoming more common place.

Parents of children are those who are responsible for their child. Until the child is an adult, it is the parent who must make ‘adult’ decisions for their offspring.  The majority of parents believe their child is ‘developing’ not only physically, but mentally during their youth.  However, there is a great deal of effort being expended by the very few who are trying to sell the public on the idea that the child has no idea what they are or, the child is sure they’re the opposite of what their ‘jeans’ are telling them — a confusing thinking at best itself.

How often do you hear medical (i.e., scientific information) related to you on this subject?  If your answer is very little, or you have a child who is on the ‘border line’ of indecision, you should watch the video below.  This lecture is presented by Dr. Quentin Van Meter, MD, FCP who is a pediatric endocrinologist with 42 years of medical experience.  His objective is to bring to the public’s attention relevant information regarding child development with respect to their sexual identity.

The video is 41 minutes long and has a great deal of relevant and enlightening information in it (with very little chatter).  Understanding it is a longer video, if you’re in a hurry, skip to the 15 minute mark. (The first 15 minutes basically lays down historically a foundation for the talk.)  That 15 minute mark however is where the very relevant information comes on fast.  At the 25 minute mark the speaker goes into the 2009 Endocrine Society’s (a largely non-professional organization) guidelines for assessing a patient with respect to their sexual identity.  (The more political part of his lecture.)  This is where the objectives (of the left) become very clear.  The speaker points out the end objective of the left is to create a much larger ‘gay’ society in America, and subsequently the world, through the perversion of scientific analysis.  The end state being the  normalizing of the homosexual segment of our country.  (Tolerating them is no longer acceptable, accepting their lifestyle is not enough, now we need to ‘celebrate it’.)

Toward the end of his lecture, he discusses a more recent presentation having been given in Austin, Texas in 2016 (the liberal capital of Texas).  At that conference there were only those who supported the notion that children must be directed on their sexual path in life.  Opposing views were not allowed at the conference.  (Dr. Van Meter attempted to get on their agenda but was refused without explanation.

Our society is at war with itself. At a minimum, parents should be informed and responsible with the life they’ve been gifted. Watching this video should focus the viewer’s attention on the more scientific view of the subject.  We must become a more responsible society if we wish to survive.


Source: CRTXNews