Work Authorization Permits

So what’s the difference between the republicans capturing the senate and the democrats keeping the majority?  In a word, ‘ink’.

If the dem’s keep the senate, it’s business as usual for the next two years.  Otherwise, Obama will be using his favorite political tool — his pen.  Vetoing bills will be his primary job while his czars work at destroying what’s left of our country.

Pessimistic you say.??  Before you stop reading right here, please continue on with the news worthy article below on his current (undisclosed) plan to further dilute our society and help insure the downfall of the America we have all lived in thus far.

Work Authorization Permits

One must ask when the people of this country will wake up??  My answer, “When they have lost ALL of their rights and live like a third world country.”


The Myth of the Radical Muslim ‘Minority’

We hear far too often that the crazies out there killing Christians are just a fraction of the 1.6 billion ‘peaceful’ Muslims in the world.  However, when looking at their true beliefs, the numbers are a tad larger when discussing the term ‘radicals’.

Please watch the following video which covers the Muslim countries’ populations, beliefs, and the number of people who are actually (in our definition) radical.

The Myth of the Radical Muslim ‘Minority’


City of Houston Demands Pastors Turn Over Sermons

The concept of ‘separation of church and state’ as we hear it today is a fallacy.  The founders created our constitution and wrote the FIRST amendment first, because it was important to them.  They broke free of Britain because they wanted to exercise their religion the way they wanted, not the king’s idea of religion.  The idea of ‘separation’ was to keep the government out of our churches, not our religion out of government.

Now we have insidiously regressed to the level of government doing things that were not even conceivable within the United States just a few years ago.  As an example, read the following article and watch the video (brief) to see how crazy things have gotten.

Houston Subpoenas

And of all places, this is in TEXAS!!!  But let me point out, if they defeat Texas, they win the country — we ARE the anchor for conservative thinking today.



Education and Educators

In order to be a teacher, an above average education (to the total population)  is needed.  To educate children without education does not make sense.  However today we are seeing progressively more and more insane decisions being made by people who are teaching our kids.  These decisions have not only involved the classroom teachers, but their administrators — who allegedly hold even higher levels of education and experience.

Child Asked to Sign Contract

With this story in mind, ask yourself how this sort of crazy ‘protocol’ can be in place today..?  Not only does this sort of decision making not make sense, it isn’t even legal!  How can a ‘five year old’ sign a written contract — legally??

It’s a scary thought, but just imagine what we’ll be facing in ten years.??



The Challenges of Law Enforcement

As most of us know, what we see on TV with regards to law enforcement is largely fantasy.  There is no way a cop is going to be involved in a shooting and 20 minutes later be back on the street.

And, what they often do not depict is the multitasking required to do a normal day’s job.  Typically, the deputy must:  drive his car while avoiding the crazies on the road;  watch and listen for potential crimes;  listen to the car’s police radio to hear your call-sign or your buddies in your area to be able to back up them in a timely manner;  read and type on your car’s computer (while focusing on task #1);  all the while talking to your partner — assuming you have one (often not).

However, when you do arrive at a call, reactions must be quick and accurate.  Often these decisions must be made in milliseconds, with the outcome potentially being years of repercussions.

The following web-page video and text spells out how difficult these decisions can be.  Watch the video first and then read the text below it.  Then ask yourself if you could/would do this job.??  Especially in a professional, accurate, and safe manner.

Patrol Decisions

Officers ordered the suspect to put the assault rifle down, and that is what he did, right?  It appears he is complying and they shoot him anyway!

Watch the video again watching the suspect’s right hand as he places the rifle down with his left hand.  The action you don’t see by facing this criminal  is the suspect pulling a hidden handgun from his rear waistband with his right hand.  However the officer’s partner (standing to the rear of the suspect) sees this action and yells “Gun” before firing.  This time you should notice the suspect goes down with the handgun still in his right hand.

Now imagine how complicated shootings can be and ask yourself, the next time there is an officer involved shooting, what will I think then??

Security Notice re: Cell Phones

As modern day Americans we have plenty to worry about.  But now we have yet another ‘issue’ to deal with — each of us..?  “What’s that”, you ask?  Your cell phone may be compromised.?!

The following interview done by Brett Baier reports that many Americans have ‘self infected’ themselves.  (And yes, that would include me.)  Watch the video here.

I checked my phone and found that my ‘flashlight’ application was 4.6M in size.  When I checked the wife’s, it was 12.6M!!!  My guess is we’ve both been (self) hacked.?!

As the old cliche goes, “It’s better to be safe than sorry.”




White House Official Flies to Oklahoma City

I sometimes wonder how much evidence it will take for the American public to catch on..?  If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, shouldn’t it be a duck??

With the recent incident of the ‘crazy’ cutting the head off of one woman and attempting to behead another after yelling Islamic phrases, it is truly hard to believe that our president’s directed federal government would call this a ‘workplace violence’..?

But to add insult to injury, he has to send someone to the mosque that this nutcase goes to and then  ‘read a thank-you letter from Obama to the mosque‘!!?

Read the article from this website that shares well documented interviews, etc. (as in reliable source) and gives the specifics of this story.

White House official flies to Oklahoma City

So, it’s back to that duck we were talking about..?  When will the American public believe that a president who was raised by communists, trained in an Islamic madrasa,  mentored by a criminal wanted by the FBI, financially supported by a homegrown terrorist, and who consistently does things to seemingly ‘aid’ Muslim terrorists, get the idea that he’s a ‘duck’..??