White House Official Flies to Oklahoma City

I sometimes wonder how much evidence it will take for the American public to catch on..?  If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, shouldn’t it be a duck??

With the recent incident of the ‘crazy’ cutting the head off of one woman and attempting to behead another after yelling Islamic phrases, it is truly hard to believe that our president’s directed federal government would call this a ‘workplace violence’..?

But to add insult to injury, he has to send someone to the mosque that this nutcase goes to and then  ‘read a thank-you letter from Obama to the mosque‘!!?

Read the article from this website that shares well documented interviews, etc. (as in reliable source) and gives the specifics of this story.

White House official flies to Oklahoma City

So, it’s back to that duck we were talking about..?  When will the American public believe that a president who was raised by communists, trained in an Islamic madrasa,  mentored by a criminal wanted by the FBI, financially supported by a homegrown terrorist, and who consistently does things to seemingly ‘aid’ Muslim terrorists, get the idea that he’s a ‘duck’..??



North America Continent Plan

If you’ve ever read the bible, you should know that we are headed toward a ‘one world government’ which is being driven by a select few who see themselves as those empowered to do so.

The following is a report written by a few of those who have ‘our best interest‘ in mind.  The intent is to incorporate Canada and Mexico into the U.S. and make us a ‘one continent government’.  The objective being to equalize our nations, remove boarders, and improve corporate wealth.

Does this sound a bit hard to believe?  You can read the following PDF (or just my highlighted text) to see for yourself.  Of interest, one the the key authors/supporters of this plan is none other than David H. Petraeus.

North America Continent Plan

You can speed read this text by skipping to pages:  3, 42, 62, and 82.  They represent key text of interest.

One of the groups behind such thinking is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  I the following video link, you can see from Hillary’s first hand remarks that our country is apparently driven by this organization significantly.  One must ask, why?  To what end?

Hillary Clinton Addressing the CFR

Also see — CFR: 2016 Candidates Must Build an ‘Integrated’ North America

P.S.   What ‘is’ the one world government objective?  Communism!!


Agenda: Grinding America Down

The subject title is a movie on-line via YouTube well worth watching!  It was created by a U.S. Congressman with the support of numerous other influential people inside and out of our federal government.  It describes the insidious changing of our country in simple to understand terms and makes clear the direction of our nation — if we do not change course.

This video is 1 1/2 hours in length, but if you give it 15 minutes of your time, my guess is you will finish it.!!?  They present compelling information that most people are not aware of — but unfortunately, all too often, they don’t seem to care.

Agenda: Grinding America Down

Public Presentation — Answers Regarding ‘Why’

Americans today are developing a rapidly growing fear of the future.  (Assuming they’re paying attention at all.)  Events occurring today are at times unbelievable.  All too often people know ‘what’ is happening, but they do not know ‘why’.

Next Thursday (October 9th), I will be giving a talk that will stitch together for the public many events occurring today that appear unrelated and ‘why’ those events are happening.  Although a somewhat scary lecture, it will be an eye opening evening memorable for all.

The following is the text of the flyer describing this talk.

Presentation Announcement

Hidden Agenda – The Controlling Force in Our Country ©

Location:  St. Mary’s Hall at Sts. Peter & Paul Church

386 N. Castell, New Braunfels, Texas

Time: October 9th at 7:00pm

Presented by: Phil Vasile

This talk presents evidence explaining the relationship between seemingly unrelated events within the United States. The objective is to educate the public on the ‘why’ of what is happening in our country. The following are topics covered:

  • A brief introduction of why the U.S was formed and the history behind its Christian foundation
  • The three primary forms of government today – capitalism, socialism, and communism
  • The history of communism (rapid fast-forward) relative to the U.S.
  • The congressionally documented communist goals for the U.S.
  • The events occurring within the U.S. today relevant to those goals
  • Potential actions that individuals can/should take

By the end of the presentation, the audience should understand ‘why’ the unusual activities have been occurring over the last 70+ years and ‘why’ we have the environment we live in today.

This presentation is non-partisan and references to the bible are made relevant to the U.S.  It incorporates facts presented publicly in the past by a number of noteworthy speakers and does not represent the viewpoint of a single individual.  It is likely that you will learn things about past and current events that you have never heard before which directly affect you.

Examples of questions answered:

  • Why has the America of our youth disappeared?
  • Why has the moral fiber of America crumbled?
  • Why has the ‘family hour’ style of TV disappeared?
  • Why have explicit sexuality and non-traditional sex become acceptable?
  • Why is religion being removed from public venues?
  • Why are our Judeo-Christian principles being abandoned?
  • Why is the will of ‘We the People’ being usurped by judicial decree?
  • . . . and more

I hope to see you there.

Religion of Peace — Not for the Squeamish


Do NOT read this blog entry if you are at all squeamish.  Although disgusting, the intent here is to demonstrate to the viewer that Islam is NOT a religion of peace, their actions do not match up with their rhetoric.  Besides, if it is only a ‘few’ radicals that are causing all of the problems of today, why is it the other BILLION Muslims in the world don’t rise up against those monsters and put them out of business.??

What the American public should really be concerned with is the fact that the Russians and Chinese support this murders.  During WWII, Hitler used the Persian people (Iranians today) as warriors.  Why?  Because he knew that they would happily die for ‘a cause’ because they would go straight to heaven and get their 72 virgins.

I can’t help but believe the two ‘big powers’ in this world are using the Muslims to attack the free world to soften them up.  If the goal is to have a one world communist state, why not use them to meet your goal?  I mean, why lose your own people?  And besides, I seriously doubt there is any Jihad in Russia or China..?  Do you believe they would put up with that for a minute?  I doubt it.

As stated earlier, please use caution when sharing these photos.  They are disgusting, but tell a serious story of what we here in the U.S. face in the not too distant future.  Today we have just an incident here and there, but when a LOT of people are being murdered in the streets, do you think they will still be able to claim them as ‘work place violence’??





















OK, enough, you get the point.

Be afraid people.  Left unchecked, this can become our reality.!!

Jewish Tradition and Our Future

The Harbinger is a book written within the last few years which has become a best seller.  It explains the mysterious historical events which revolve around Jewish history.

Now, the author has written an even more interesting book entitled ‘The Mystery of the Shemitah‘.  This books puts the harbinger theory into overdrive!  The author attempts to leave theory out of his book and relates facts whenever possible.  Every Christian American should read this book — they should at least take just a few minutes and watch the interview below which highlights the entire book — well worth watching.

The Mystery of the Shemitah Video

I think it is safe to say, prepare.


ISIS Within the U.S.?

Although it sounds crazy, this is a reality check.  Please watch the video on the link below and consider this question:  “Why would the federal government intentionally keep our southern border open to any and all people” — from ‘everywhere’?!?

I’m not sure what it will take to wake up the people of this country, but the time is growing short in the window of opportunity.

For the Record – Click on the link titled ‘Total Confrontation’ Web Extra on that page.

You might also consider watching the other videos on the Blaze’s For the Record page.  They will tell you things you won’t hear anywhere else.