COVID — Who can you trust?  A Personal Testimony of a Vaccine Injured Patient

COVID Help Desk: My child is afraid of needles. How do I prepare them for  the COVID vaccine?

Executive Summary

This is one of my longer articles for my blog because of the amount of data relevant to the topic.  That data is required to develop a sense of believability in the reader about my testimony here.  My reason for writing this article is to share my personal experience and medical information from a source I believe is truthful and ‘logical’.  The sources are all medically acclaimed doctors who have been recognized by their profession as leading experts in their field.

This information is especially of importance to you if you have received the COVID vaccine shot(s) and are suffering from their side-effects.  If you haven’t received the shots, you may still want to share this information with friends or family whom it may help.

Hopefully this article will help ensure that future patients do not suffer as long as I did.


Americans today think it is hard to find people they can really trust.  We live in a society that believes, “there is no such thing as truth”.  But without truth, how is society to function ‘normally’ and successfully?  If every source you seek for truth contradicts other ‘reliable sources’, what are you left to believe?

With the advent of COVID-19, there was immediately a tsunami of information thrown at Americans about this new pandemic disease.  How virulent is it?  How is it spread?  What segments of society does it impact most?  What do I do to prevent getting it?  etc.

For months people were totally lost and confused, unable to trust our medical profession.  Many of us just ‘followed orders’ without question or valid research of the disease.  We also failed to form our own opinions regarding the ‘vaccine’.  Now, far too many of us suffer from the negative effects of what we affectionately refer to as the ‘jab’.  Worse, thousands of people have died because of having received the mRNA shots, with many of those people being young.

Some of us would each day watch TV or read the news about the virus and would see constant conflicting information.  Far too many people would not watch the news and would remain in the dark.  Subsequently after two years, it finally became clear to many of us that we were being lied to – daily.  But many of us today still don’t know what the truth is about the ‘vaccine’ and its negative effects.  My hope is to shed some light on this subject to help you better understand part of the COVID subject.

The Author’s Story

If you are a regular reader, you have some insight as to what my objective is with this website.  This is not a new blog, but rather a site with hundreds of articles ( regarding things happening in our country, often with an explanation as to ‘why’ those events took place.  Today, I am writing about my personal experience with the COVID-19 vaccine and the numerous side-effects I experienced because of getting the ‘jab’.

In January of 2020 I contracted COVID (not professionally diagnosed) and became ill for 3-4 days with only one symptom – exhaustion.  I still can’t believe I slept that much.  The day I felt I had recovered (not knowing what I recovered from), I felt totally refreshed and began my normal activities immediately.  It was the strangest illness experience in my life that I can remember.

In January of 2021, while working at a fire department as a Lieutenant, I was informed (along with everyone else) that I was required to get the ’vaccine’ shot or I would no longer function as a first responder with that department.  Reluctantly, I complied along with hundreds of other responders – ranking and line personnel included.

In February I received the second (mRNA) ‘vaccine’ shot at 9:00 am on a Saturday.  At about 8:00 pm than night, while watching TV, I suddenly began shaking extremely hard and uncontrollably.  My wife (an RN) thought I was having a seizure.  I soon after went to bed to warm me up and calm me down, which worked.  At first, we didn’t know what the heck just happened.  But it didn’t take long before we concluded it was a reaction to the second shot.

My incident didn’t end there.  The next day I became very sick with total exhaustion, no fever, no aches, just total exhaustion.  It was somewhat scary.  My situation remained that way for 3-4 days, immediately after which I snapped out of it and went back to my normal schedule as if nothing had happened.  Very weird indeed.

After 2-3 weeks I began to feel weak at the gym for no apparent reason.  As the weeks went on, my strength level continued to decline.  Being a person who goes to a gym three days a week (every week) lifting weights, it wasn’t hard to measure the impact I was experiencing as compared to my normal.  After a while, I noticed my stamina was also dying off rapidly.  I would come home from the gym and be totally exhausted for hours requiring a nap during the day – an extremely odd thing for me.

Over months I began to experience other side-effects collectively.  The strength and stamina symptoms were easy for me to attribute to the shots, but others were very obscure and seemed totally unrelated to getting the mRNA shot(s).  After several months I made the connection between my symptoms and the shots.   I then began my personal investigation into the topic of COVID-19 and shot side-effects.

Medical Information and My Side-effects

I recognized shortly after my second shot, that my side-effects were very different than anything that I had ever encountered before.  Over time I was constantly questioning myself, finding it hard to believe that so many things could be going wrong with me.  After about 3-5 months I began questioning my cognitive processes.  I was typically good with doing math in my head which was commonplace.  I now could not even subtract two two-digit numbers easily.

My ‘mental processing speed’ also seemed to keep getting slower to where one evening, while watching an action movie, I suddenly became conscious that the movie was moving too fast for me to keep up with it.  And if subtitles were on, I often couldn’t read them fast enough.  Finally, there came a time when driving that I found myself focused on the road like a drunk.   But I hadn’t been drinking!  At this point I was very fearful as to what was happening to my cognitive process.

The following are some of the side-effects I experienced during my recovery.

  • Loss of energy
  • Loss of stamina
  • Memory loss and cognitive dysfunction (‘brain fog’)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Bruising (abnormal, easier)
  • Stage-3 kidney dysfunction
  • Testicular intermittent pain

In addition, about 30-60 days after my second mRNA shot, I experienced ‘difficulty in the bedroom’.  However, I didn’t put that symptom together with the shot right away.  It was over a year later that I became suspicious of that symptom being related to the shots.

To date, all these symptoms have completely been resolved.  The one caveat is, my short-term memory is still about what it was prior to COVID – which wasn’t caused by the ‘jab’.

FLCCC To The Rescue

As I was experiencing the above, the COVID ‘pandemic’ was unfolding with almost daily news regarding COVID – most of which was from the CDC, FDA, NIH, et al.  I soon determined that if the source was from the government, it typically smelled like week old fish – laying in the sun.  Therefore, I chose to start researching my condition and potential solutions (avoiding government related sites).  Ultimately, I found the ‘Front Line COVID Critical Care Alliance’ (FLCCC).  And what a find it was!

Initially I found that some of my symptoms were at the top of their side-effects list.  To see what side-effects you can potentially experience, look here to see the complete list.  (To speed your viewing, scroll down the page in the pdf to the title ‘Complications/ injuries caused by COVID injections’.)

The FLCCC Protocol for Post-Vaccine Side-Effects

After consulting the protocol for post-vaccine side-effects at the FLCCC website (, I found their protocol at this page. (  For quicker reading, skip to the paragraph titled ‘First Line Therapies’.  There they list the various vitamins and the needed ivermectin to resolve many of the potential side-effects.

After four weeks of taking the prescribed medications, I found my strength and stamina climbing rapidly.  At the end of the sixth week, most, if not all my symptoms were gone.  The ‘bedroom problem’ was resolved the fourth week of my protocol.  Because it seemed to be resolved out of nowhere, it was a rather stark indicator that the protocol was really having an impact.

I went through and completed their six-week process with ease.  Most of the medications were vitamins I was already taking.  I felt no negative impact in my day-to-day schedule while on the protocol.  (Note: The chance for a potential reaction to ivermectin is minimal.  Ivermectin has been used with humans for decades with reactions only in rare cases.)

Ivermectin is the only drug in the protocol.  To help the reader understand its function, the drug finds and encapsulates the spike protein, thus ‘starving it’ to death.  The dead ‘bug’ is then eliminated from the body through the normal process.  It should be noted that the mRNA shots can produce over 400 billion spike proteins in the recipients body!  It’s no wonder major issues demonstrate after injection.

Please understand that I have tried to be totally honest in my personal assessment.  I have attempted to be as accurate as I could without getting too technical while describing my situation.  My sincere hope is that others may benefit from this report and not suffer needlessly as a result.

The remainder of this article is for reference purposes.  The following links are relevant to this report, and most are found at the FLCCC website.  Hopefully by reading some of this material it will help corroborate my narrative above.

Technical References Available on the Internet

FLCCC website:

The following pages are intended as quick reference.  To get even more information from this website, you can click on the links at the top of their home page.  More information is available if you create a login ID to get information on classes and seminars available, plus their blog.

Negative Side-effects of the COVID vaccine shots:

I-Recover Post-Vaccine Treatment:

Finding a Provider (Medical care):

Finding a Pharmacy:

Vaccine Patient Testimonials:

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